How consolidations will play out in the transportation, food and entertainment industries

There has been no shortage of thoughtful articles exploring a bubble in technology. I would argue that the world has already been transformed, and there is no bubble in the purest sense. Instead of ma

RNTS buys Inneractive for up to $72M as ad tech consolidation continues

RNTS, the German parent company of Fyber (formerly known as SponsorPay) and Heyzap, continues its run of ad tech acquisitions. Today the company announced that it has acquired Inneractive, an Isra

Report: Sharp and Philips agree on LCD TV deal

<img src="" /> The consolidation process in the TV business continues and now even becomes international. Just last month, <a href="..

The Futurist: Today's Phone Companies = The New Ma Bell

Considering that most people these days go through a cell phone in a time frame shorter than the human gestation period, it may be hard to believe that there was a time when phones were primarily an i