Now people are turning busted gaming consoles into casemods. That's just crazy talk!

Sure, they’re not as useful as some purpose-made cases, but these case mods are pretty cool. If your favorite gaming console bites the dust, you too could turn it into a PC with a little wire, g

Microsoft Games head Shane Kim prevaricates furiously in interview

The problem with interviewing smart higher-ups like Shane Kim is they will always say exactly what they mean to say, and you’re never going to pull one over on them, as you might with someone lo

Xbox 360 hits the 10,000,000 unit mark

Coming in first to the 10 million sold mark for current generation game consoles is the Xbox 360, beating the PS3’s 4.1 million and the Wii’s 8.8 million. The PS3’s high price tag is

Microsoft's Kim: Xbox still has four years of life, and it's not all about Blu-ray

Stopping short of saying Blu-ray is coming to the Xbox 360 (hurry up, guys), Microsoft Games Studio’s head Shane Kim said that the Xbox 360 is expected to have a seven-year lifespan. That gives

Microsoft representative denies new Xbox 360 in '09

Despite rumor upon rumor of a slimmed down Xbox 360 appearing some time next year, Microsoft has now come out and said the following, according to Ubergizmo… “While we don’t normally

Crytek dropping PC exclusivity thanks to piracy

In an interview with PC Play Magazine, when asked about the current state of PC gaming, Crytek president Cevat Terli said: “We are suffering currently from the huge piracy that is encompassing C

MTV: Wii-like controller coming to Xbox 360 for Xmas

SIXAXIS is cool, but the Wiimote is by far the most revolutionary video game controller of this current generation of consoles. The Xbox team knows this, and MTV has it on very good, solid word that M

CrunchArcade: Former Xbox exec predicts end of stand-alone video game system in next 5-10 years

[photopress:intheyear2000.jpg,full,center] The future, Conan? Could this be the last generation for the stand-alone video game console? That’s what one of the key players behind the Xbox1 thinks

Rumor: Acer planning a game console?

There’s a lot of loose talk being bandied to and fro concerning Acer and its supposed plans to build an “open” game console. I think that if Acer were to attempt to build such a syst

Console sales stats: 360 lags, PSP brings up the rear

Drum roll, please! The DS and Wii accounted for almost half of all sales, then Sony’s black boxes took the next two spots. Considering you’ve got GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid IV coming out

Best Buy taking your old neglected console trade-ins

Best Buy will take your old consoles and give you a gift card to use at one of its bajillion locations. The process is fairly straightforward and shipping costs are taken care of by Best Buy, not you.

Future 'RockStar' games to be exclusively on PS3?

According to a recent article in Play Magazine, your favorite Grand Theft Auto developer might be going PS3-only from here on out. That seems downright silly, but there’s a quote from an article

Gen-X Console: NES + Genesis = Retro-awesome

How come I don’t find things like this before Xmas? This is the Gen-X Dual station, likely the weirdest console I’ve ever met. It’s an NES and a Sega Genesis combined into one, but t

Wii shortage might force Nintendo to pull ads in UK

Nintendo has a problem. It’s a good problem, but a problem nonetheless. See there’s this video game system called the Wii that Nintendo makes and the company can’t seem to keep it in

Nice, fat Xbox 360 back-compatibility update

Microsoft has updated the Xbox 360’s software emulation, allowing more than 80 Xbox “original flavor” games to be played on their big, curvy console. Personally, I’m happy as l

Microsoft wants to keep Xbox 360 around for a while

If Microsoft has its way, you’ll still be happily playing your Xbox 360 into the next decade. Mindy Mount, CFO of Microsoft’s entertainment division, wants to buck the traditional five-yea

New lighter PS2 consoles to hit Japan this month

Sony’s set to launch a slimmed-down version of its 7-year old PlayStation 2 console in Japan on November 22nd. It’ll cost roughly $140 and weighs about a pound and a half thanks in part to

Manhunt 2 launches tomorrow amid controversy

How appropriate that Rockstar will be launching Manhunt 2 tomorrow during Halloween. The game has been under fire for months due to its extremely violent content. It was even banned in the UK and rece

GameStop no longer offering Xbox 360 replacement plan

If the failure rate of the Xbox 360 doesn’t start improving soon, even Best Buy of all places will stop offering a replacement plan for the console. Normally, these plans are designed to increas

Nintendo 'absolutely not considering' Wii price cut

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