King-size games may have to wait as Nintendo reportedly delays 64-gig Switch cartridges

The Switch may be the most pleasant tech surprise of 2017, but although it has many excellent qualities, excessive storage space is not among them. And it looks like that will continue to be a problem

This ultra-cute tiny PS4 controller is a great option for children and the small-handed

If you like playing console games with the younger generation, you may have come across the issue of their tiny hands being unable to perform certain combos, reach certain buttons easily, and so on. W

Six reasons to be hyped for the Nintendo Switch (and four reasons to worry)

Yesterday saw the introduction — after many leaks and rumors — of the Nintendo Switch, the company's next game console. It isn't due to arrive until March of next year, which is infinitely frustra

The Console Market Is In Crisis

Neither of the games industry's new flagship boxes -- the PS4 and the Xbox One -- is selling well compared to previous generations of flagship home consoles. The console market as a whole appears to b

Whither The Console: Is This The Sunset Of The Dedicated Game Machine?

After sitting through three major press events at E3 this year and wandering the hall, I began seeing comments regarding the viability of consoles in a constantly-changing tech landscape. First there

Gift Guide 2009: Gaming Consoles

[tab:Intro][flagallery gid=2 name=”CrunchGear Gift Guide 2009″] Ah, gaming consoles. They pick up where TV left off. Back when TV was still entertaining, it served as the perfect babysitte

Analyst forecasts $50 Wii price cut

<img src="" alt="Wii" width="620" />Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter is prognosticating that the price of the Nintendo Wii will drop to $

Circuit City gets one last laugh, sells broken used consoles full of personal info

<img src="">Not that ANY of you would ever sell your console without deleting all your personal files and credit card information off of

Sega Dreamcast + iMac = iCast

<img src="">In what may qualify as nostalgia overload, an enterprising Canadian has replaced the insides of an old all-in-one iMac with

Xbox 360 holds a lead over the PS3 by 1 million in Europe

The Xbox 360 is currently leading over the PS3 by around one million lifetime sales across five major European territories – the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, according to data from Euro

CrunchDeals: Nintendo Wii + Wii Fit bundle for $349

Target is selling the Nintendo Wii console along with Wii Fit, balance board, and carrying case for $349.99 (online only, free shipping). It’s maybe not a “deal” deal per se, but the bundle appe

Wii blows by Nintendo 64 in total sales

On the game console superhighway, if there is such a thing, the Nintendo Wii just blasted past the Nintendo 64, stuck its left arm out the driver’s side window, and rigidly shot its index finger int

Modder sends Xbox to fat camp, builds ‘Xbox Slim’

Ooh la la, will you look at this? There’s an Xbox stuffed in that little white case. A modder over on the Xbox Scene forums turned his big, fat, portly Xbox into a svelte, nimble “Xbox Slim” and

Immersion and dreamGEAR work together to one-up Dual Shock

Immersion is one of the primary companies behind force feedback and haptics. They’re working with a peripheral maker called dreamGEAR to put out a wireless Dual Shock alternative called the Shad

Europe to get Xbox 360 price cuts this Friday

Price drops! To Europe! This Friday! For the three or four of you outside of the US who read, we thank you. Here are the numbers; according to Xbox360Fanboy, Xbox 360 Arcade consoles wi

Wii passes Xbox 360 to take top spot in U.S. sales

Previously declared the leading next-generation console worldwide, the Nintendo Wii has now surpassed the Xbox 360 to become the leading next-generation console in the U.S. Last month, Nintendo sold o

CrunchDeals: Refurbished Xbox 360 for $199.99 has the refurbished 20GB Xbox 360 for a mere $200 (free shipping too). It’s the non-HDMI version, so keep that in mind. But if you’re looking to get into an Xbox 360 on the cheap, this app

Nyko announces cooling systems for PS3, Xbox 360

Console running a little hot? Come September, you’ll be able to pick up Nyko’s Intercooler TS for the Xbox 360 ($24.99) or PlayStation 3 ($34.99). The PS3 version offers variable fan-speed control

Microsoft to drop prices on Xbox 360 consoles?

More rumors swirling around that Microsoft will drop Xbox 360 prices next month, most likely at E3. Analysts seem to think it’s because Sony’s got some good momentum going with the PS3 now and tha

New Gears 2 shots; now with more dead bodies as shields!

Say what you will about Gears of War, it was by any standard a great-looking game, especially on the PC. And this next one, while it will almost certainly share the problems its predecessor had, will
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