A trove of imported console games vanish from Chinese online stores

In the world’s largest gaming market, China, console games play a relatively small part as their revenue has been meager compared to mobile and PC games for years — at least by the officia

You can now use Alexa and Cortana to control your Xbox

You can now control the Xbox from Alexa and Cortana. Microsoft announced his morning it’s introducing a new way to interact with Xbox One using voice commands, by way of an Xbox Skill that works

Amazon’s Alexa Skills Developer Console gets its biggest redesign since launch

Amazon today is rolling out the biggest makeover for its Alexa Skills Kit Developer ConsoleĀ – the console where voice app developers create their skills – since its debut back in 2015. Th

Crunch Report | Disney’s Epic Star Wars Hotel

Disney plans to open an epic Star Wars hotel, new emoji are being released to the world, Amazon could be the latest to get into the meal delivery kit business and the latest Atari game console. All th

Sony may unveil two new versions of the PS4 next month

Sony will reportedly unveil two new versions of the PlayStation 4 at its upcoming New York press event on September 7.

Nintendo is launching a mini version of its iconic NES console with 30 classic games

When you're on a roll, why not make crowd-pleasing decisions. Nintendo, which has seen its market cap soar thanks to the Pokemon Go phenomenon, just announced that it will relaunch its iconic NES cons

Hands On With Sony’s PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Console

Sony has a new version of its PlayStation 4 console going on sale soon, which is limited to only 12,300 units globally, and which comes in the original gray color of the first PlayStation hardware. Th

This Portable Raspberry Pi Console Will Bring Back The Arcade Games Of Your Misspent Youth

The eNcade hopes to capitalize on your misplaced nostalgia. Essentially a Raspberry Pi inside a cute case, the portable console promises to add online multi-player to classic games, thereby allowing y

Nvidia Adds Console Mode To Outclass The Ouya, Updates To Android 4.3

Nvidia has updated its Shield Android-based mobile game console to add a host of new features, one of which is very interesting in terms of how it might affect the growing Android-based home game cons

GamePop Subscription-Based Android Gaming Console To Cost $129, COM2US Joins Developer List

The latest product from BlueStacks, the GamePop Android-powered gaming console, will retail for $129 once it exists its free pre-order offer, which is ongoing and will continue through the end of June

Will The Xbox One Rule The Living Room? Price Will Determine The Size Of Its Kingdom

Price and ship date are always the biggest concerns when new gadgets or hardware hits the market, but in the case of the Xbox One, it's likely to help determine whether the "home entertainment system,

After 10M Downloads, BlueStacks Takes On OUYA With Game Console And $6.99 All-You-Can-Play Service

<a target="_blank" href="">BlueStacks</a>, the startup known for bringing Android apps to PCs and Macs, has been growing like a weed. Last week, the company announced that it

The Console Wars, Begun They Have: Microsoft May Announce New Xbox At April Event

A number of <a target="_blank" href="">solid reports</a>, including a new <a target="_blank" hr

OUYA Android Game Console To Get Annual Hardware Updates, Founder Says

The OUYA Android-based gaming console will get hardware refreshes on an annual basis, founder and CEO Julie Uhrman revealed in an interview with Engadget. Uhrman was at DICE, an annual summit that foc

OUYA To Launch Soon, But Where Are The Games?

With less than two months before OUYA's launch, it's time to tell the truth -- its future doesn't look promising. The OUYA is starting to feel like a gaming console without the games. Publishers and d

What Games Are: Should Sony Move Beyond PlayStation?

On Feb 20th, Sony is holding a press conference in New York for which we assume is the PlayStation 4. Yet, is that really the smartest move that the company could make? With the argument that the PS i

Review: Nyko Intercooler STS For XBox 360

<img src="" />As a fairly regular player of <a HREF="">XBox</a> 360 media (ca

AMD giving away 10 360s, 10 Wiis

<img src="" />AMD is wrapping up their 40 year anniversary party, and they are finishing it up in a big way. Previously, AMD gave away some

Gearbox talks Borderlands 2

<img src="" />In a recent interview, Mike Neumann from Gearbox software was asked about DLC and the possibility of a Borderland

Novint Falcon controller coming to consoles, maybe

<img src="" /> Jealous of your PC gaming friends who have the rather awesome Falcon controller? Well, the CEO of Novint hears your cries
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