• The Console Wars, Begun They Have: Microsoft May Announce New Xbox At April Event

    The Console Wars, Begun They Have: Microsoft May Announce New Xbox At April Event

    A number of solid reports, including a new domain name, registered to Microsoft, are pointing to an Xbox event in April. While most console reveals happen at E3, as evidenced by Sony’s mystery-filled conference, Microsoft will probably announce specs and some launch titles and leave the money shot for Los Angeles in June. Read More

  • OUYA Android Game Console To Get Annual Hardware Updates, Founder Says

    OUYA Android Game Console To Get Annual Hardware Updates, Founder Says

    The OUYA Android-based gaming console will get hardware refreshes on an annual basis, founder and CEO Julie Uhrman revealed in an interview with Engadget. Uhrman was at DICE, an annual summit that focuses on video games, where she also announced new game publisher partners for the OUYA platform. The refresh cycle will more closely resemble those of smartphones than those of traditional… Read More

  • OUYA To Launch Soon, But Where Are The Games?

    OUYA To Launch Soon, But Where Are The Games?

    With less than two months before OUYA’s launch, it’s time to tell the truth — its future doesn’t look promising. The OUYA is starting to feel like a gaming console without the games. Publishers and developers aren’t promoting OUYA games because there’s nothing to promote — nothing that was specifically developed for the launch line-up. Even worse… Read More

  • What Games Are: Should Sony Move Beyond PlayStation? Crunch Network

    What Games Are: Should Sony Move Beyond PlayStation?

    On Feb 20th, Sony is holding a press conference in New York for which we assume is the PlayStation 4. Yet, is that really the smartest move that the company could make? With the argument that the PS idea’s time has gone, wouldn’t Sony be better served by rejuvenating their entire operation (including its brand) and letting go of the past? Read More

  • Review: Nyko Intercooler STS For XBox 360

    As a fairly regular player of XBox 360 media (called “video games” by those in the know) I have found that the console often becomes hot enough to melt a DVD placed on top of it resulting in, say, a copy of Mario Kart Wii (another “video game” for a game console called the Wii) that is rendered unusable by said heat. This causes, in turn, our toddlers to melt-down and… Read More

  • AMD giving away 10 360s, 10 Wiis

    AMD is wrapping up their 40 year anniversary party, and they are finishing it up in a big way. Previously, AMD gave away some processors and graphic cards. This time, they are giving away some consoles. Read More

  • Gearbox talks Borderlands 2

    In a recent interview, Mike Neumann from Gearbox software was asked about DLC and the possibility of a Borderlands 2. And while Gearbox was pretty vague about the future of the franchise, I sincerely doubt that any game that has been selling so well that we’re seeing shortages, won’t have a sequel. Read More

  • Novint Falcon controller coming to consoles, maybe

    Jealous of your PC gaming friends who have the rather awesome Falcon controller? Well, the CEO of Novint hears your cries. And market share. You’ll just have to wait until probably the end of 2009 before it’s actually available. Read More

  • Big surprise: Nintendo won't have enough Wii this holiday season

    This December, a lot of little boys and girls are going to be severely disappointed when they discover they didn’t get a Nintendo Wii for Christmas or Hanukkah. Don’t blame the ‘rents though, because Nintendo is (probably) purposely not manufacturing enough Wiis to keep up with demand. Is there any proof of this? No, but a year after the console’s launch, you still… Read More

  • Magnum Chrome DS Casing Makes Fiddy Smile

    Check it aspiring rappers/blacksmiths. Though not officially from Nintendo, a full chrome DS casing set is now available from SHOCK! via It’s supposed to be easy-to-install, very durable, and looks hella cool to boot. You’ll have to replace the case and buttons, but it shouldn’t be harder than trying to replace an iPhone battery. Get it now for $39.95 or pay… Read More

  • High-Rez Halo 3 Xbox 360 Pics

    Peter filled you in on all the hot deets yesterday, but here’s the hotness: high resolution pictures of the Halo 3 Xbox 360 in all its glory. Try not to drool please. Hit the jump for all the photos. Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition high res pics [Engadget] Read More