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  • What Games Are: Reinventing The Games Console Half Way Won’t Work

    What Games Are: Reinventing The Games Console Half Way Won’t Work

    You’ve got to feel bad for Microsoft. After years spent trying to find ways to expand its Xbox idea, it’s now having to revert some of them and go back to being a regular old games console. The company has run into a hard truth: In the minds of the market “console” means something specific, and the market is not inclined to expand its thinking. Read More

  • New book details chip drama between 360 and PS3

    If you enjoyed the article from a few months back about the untold story of how the 360 was rushed to market, then this new book is probably right up your alley. It’s about the unique situation IBM was in when working with both Sony and Microsoft and helping design rival hardware. Sounds juicy! Read More

  • Dreamcast: It (was) thinking

    The Guardian has a pretty cool interview up with Peter Moore, president of EA Sports. Back in the day, he was head of Sega of America. In fact, he was the guy who killed the Dreamcast. As awesome as the Dreamcast was, maybe it’s a good thing it died; it served its purpose. It helped usher in the next-gen era of console gaming by supporting broadband capabilities. It could even be argued… Read More

  • Sony casually reminds us that PS3 Network is free (and Xbox Live costs money)

    [photopress:ps3freexblnot.jpg,full,center] What’s a guaranteed way to stir the hornet’s nest that is the console wars? If you’re Sony you start an ad campaign reminding people that its PlayStation Network is completely free. The not so subtle “what doesn’t this ad say?” is that Xbox Live costs $50 per year. And then both camps started calling each other names. Read More

  • Wouldn't a single video game system be better for everyone?

    [photopress:onevideogamesystem.jpg,full,center] Should there be only one video game system? It’d make financial sense for developers and would make it easier for the consumer—”Should I get Game for the PS3 or 360?” God of War and Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe addressed this issue with a simple question: “Can anyone anyone explain to me how having one… Read More

  • Nintendo Exec Claims "Victory In Europe"

    Now because thinks citing exact sources is a bunch of rubbish, there’s no proof that Nintendo exec. Reggie Fils Aime said that the Wii is a “Victory in Europe.” But for now, I’m going to assume that he did say that. See, Nintendo is not the new black, it’s the new Borg. Mindless drones march on ceaselessly, praising Nintendo for everything, thinking… Read More