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Newzoo forecasts 2020 global games industry will reach $159 billion

Games and esports analytics firm Newzoo released its highly cited annual report on the size and state of the video gaming industry yesterday. The firm is predicting 2020 global game industry revenue f

What Games Are: The Wacky World Of Convergent Divergence

It used to be the case that developers had a binary choice between a multi-platform strategy with lowest-common denominator game ideas, or make a bet on a single platform in the hope that its unique a

What Games Are: The Ludophile Mindset

Like the audiophile who spends serious money on her music, the ludophile spends aplenty on games and consoles. Both want perfection. The question for the games industry, however, is whether perfection

What Games Are: Reinventing The Games Console Half Way Won’t Work

You've got to feel bad for Microsoft. After years spent trying to find ways to expand its Xbox idea, it's now having to revert some of them and go back to being a regular old games console. The compan

What Games Are: Who Will Create The No-Bullshit Games Console?

For a device category whose core appeal is supposed to be making games simple, we get complex ambitions, the rush to features and a proposition that increasingly makes no sense. What is a game console

Nintendo’s Wii U Hits U.S. Stores November 18, Starts At $299.99

Nintendo will finally make its <a target="_blank" href="">Wii U</a> available to customers this November, after having previewed the next-gen console for over a year now, t

GameStop: No Wii For You!

If you were planning on heading down to your local GameStop location to do a little in-store pre-order of a Nintendo Wii, you can sit your ass back down. The pre-order, which began on Friday, October