• WiFi Joins the Mile High Club

    The Wall Street Journal reported Colorado-based aeronautical communications company, AirCell, will be able to bring WiFi access to airplanes soon. The service will be carried over the frequency once used for air-phone service, which the company bought last year for $31.3 million at FCC auction. The connection will provide internet bandwidth equivalent to WiFi on the ground for devices… Read More

  • Eight Social Networking Sites for Men Who Love Men

    We were contacted today by the founder of the soon to launch social network for gay men It lead us to take a look around the gay male online social networking space and write the following overview of some of the current market leaders. Niche social networks are likely a viable business because they allow specialized functionality and a subjective community feel as opposed to… Read More

  • Boeing Drops Connexion

    Citing financial problems with the program, Boeing announced today that it would be discontinuing its Connexion broadband service. Company chief Jim McNerney said, “Regrettably, the market for this service has not materialized as had been expected. We believe this decision best balances the long-term interests of all parties with a stake in Connexion by Boeing.” Regrettably… Read More

  • Profile – Connexion (Boeing)

    Company: Connexion by Boeing

    What is it? It’s high speed internet access in the sky. I just posted a profile of a new skype tool and did it all sitting here on an SAS flight from Seattle to Copenhagen (heading to the ICANN conference in Luxembourg next week). The technology for this has been around for a few years, but this is my first experience using it. I’m skype-outing at… Read More