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Epix Cast offers an easy way for viewers to stream movies to their connected TVs

Epix is launching a new feature that could make it easier than ever before to stream movies on your Internet-connected TV — Epix Cast, which allows you to find a movie in the mobile Epix app and th

Tru Optik aims to improve ad measurement for Internet-connected TVs

Andre Swanston, CEO of Tru Optik, argued that there’s been one big obstacle to advertising on Internet-connected TVs — measurement. Naturally, Swanston is pitching Tru Optik’s technology

Drawbridge Now Supports Connected TVs With Its Cross-Device Ad Targeting

Ad tech startup <a target="_blank" href="">Drawbridge</a> has been <a href="">talking about its vision f

Amidst Ongoing Legal Battles, Aereo To Launch Apps For Smart TVs, Set-Top Boxes; Game Consoles Likely To Follow

<a target="_blank" href="">Aereo</a>, the polarizing startup that allows users to watch broadcast TV over the Web, is currently fighting for its life in court. The IAC and Barry

Smart TVs Fail To Score With Consumers In U.S. And Other Western Markets: GfK

Here's one reason why <a target="_blank" href="">Apple may not be producing a television</a> with its name blazoned o

Smarter TV: CrestaTech Grabs $13M To Bring Region-Free TV Reception To Any Device

Broadcast TV, set top boxes, IPTVs, DVRs and PVRs are going the way of the Dodo, and today's connected TVs have to be able to take advantage of the same smart processors and dynamic OS tech that power

The Best iOS Apps To Watch On Apple TV

Developers don’t have to wait for a fully baked version of Apple TV to come out to get a feel for how their apps will play on the big screen. Although an eco-system for Apple TV apps does not yet

With TV Everywhere, It’s All About Discovery

200 million connected TV devices will cumulatively <a href="">ship i

Video Plays On Tablets, Mobile Devices And Connected TVs Nearly Doubled in Q4

<a href="">From Redbox and Verizon teaming up</a> to take on Netflix to Connected TV and Netflix’s

People Now Watch Videos Nearly 30 Percent Longer On Tablets Than Desktops

It may come as no surprise, but Americans are watching more and more online video. In fact, they're practically jonesin' for it. <a href="