• The Bill Gates-Inspired Galactic Cap Will Protect Your Wang-Dang-Doodle

    The Bill Gates-Inspired Galactic Cap Will Protect Your Wang-Dang-Doodle

    As TechCrunch’s resident sex weirdo, I figured I might as well cover the Galactic Cap, a mini-condom that adheres the tip of the Fair Pink Vicar and allows you to visit Ye Olde Shoppe Of Curiosities without fear of issue. The project went live today on Indiegogo. Read More

  • German man sells turnkey condom manufacturing factories

    56 year old German entrepreneur Klaus Richter is selling ready-for-use condom factories, meaning you can order a complete manufacturing facility from him, and he ships practically everywhere. What may sound as a joke at first is serious business: Richter has so far sold over 100 factories worldwide. Read More

  • Video: Skins Mobile is just a condom for your phone Biggs and I are boozin on some Penny Packer bourbon and educating all of you on how to protect your mobile device of any VD. Really, Skins Mobile… Read More

  • Durex condom ad infuriates sound engineers

    So the latest ad from Durex for the Performa condoms is meant to show your ability to last longer, but a few of the commenters have pointed out that the ad is inaccurate and that it shows a span of seven seconds. I’m no sound engineer so maybe someone in the audience can clarify this silly little ad. Durex Performa: Sound waves [Ads of the World] Read More

  • The most asinine iFone accessory known to man

    Oddly enough, I’m almost 100 percent positive that Biggs uses this when he’s at home by himself. Seriously, though, who comes up with this nonsense? Condoms for your thumb and index finger so you don’t smudge your precious iFones. This is more or less a clear indication that the world is teetering on the verge of collapsing around us. The Phone Fingers are textured (and… Read More

  • Get a Free iPhone Condom if You Have an iPhone

    Did you just get your iPhone? Want to put it in a little cozy? Wrappers has 50 of their little iPod condom thingies to give away provided you have proof of iPhone ownership. Wrappers’ covers are designed for using your Apple iPhone in its natural state. To use your iPhone, you remove the cover. Read More

  • It's An Exploding Golf Ball (With a Condom Inside)

    If someone could explain why or how this is funny, on some level other than a base one, I’d be thankful. It’s one of those exploding golf balls, but at its center, it’s got a condom. Not a wrapped up one, which you could later use to avoid getting The Herp from the course hooker in the pro shop, but rather, ya know, just a condom. Supposedly it just flies out when the… Read More

  • Condom Dispenser for Geeks Who Get Some

    One of the things we hate about having protected sex with a consensual partner is the inevitable fumbling to find a condom. Like any party, a roll in the hay is best if the party favors are in easy reach. Enter the Canoe Condom Dispenser. A German-designed cube that rests with poise and grace upon your bedside table, the Condom Dispenser is a perfect place to stash your prophylactics until… Read More