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  • Conde Nast Leads $20M Round In Boutique Marketplace Farfetch, Its Third E-Fashion Investment In 4 Weeks (Updated)

    Conde Nast Leads $20M Round In Boutique Marketplace Farfetch, Its Third E-Fashion Investment In 4 Weeks (Updated)

    Update: And in true old media fashion, the investment has now been formally announced by Conde Nast itself, some 15 hours after the news broke. The investment will be used for Farfetch to enter into new markets (geographical and otherwise). José Neves, founder and CEO of Farfetch notes: “This investment will fuel our entry to new markets while assisting our growth in existing ones. Our… Read More

  • The Pinterest Effect: Conde Nast Casts ‘Easy Living’ In The Mold Of Hot New Social Network

    The Pinterest Effect: Conde Nast Casts ‘Easy Living’ In The Mold Of Hot New Social Network

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Done right, it can also help the imitator tap into the zeitgeist and pick up more followers as a result. That looks like it might have been some of the logic behind the relaunch of the website of Easy Living, a UK magazine published by Conde Nast, which relaunched this month with a Pinterest-like grid interface on its home page. Read More

  • Conde Nast’s iOS 5 Subscriber Bump: Trend Or Blip?

    Conde Nast’s iOS 5 Subscriber Bump: Trend Or Blip?

    There’s been some chatter about how Conde Nast’s tablet editions of its popular magazines, which have enjoyed a large increase in subscribers since the release of Apple’s Newsstand feature. It must be a pleasant surprise to the company, which as late as April was easing back on tablet content production after a less-than-stellar debut period. A lot can happen in six… Read More

  • Idea Flight Turns iPads Into Presentation Platform

    Condé Nast has unveiled a new iPad app called Idea Flight that they claim “is a new tool designed to share ideas, presentations, documents and designs easily and effectively.” One iPad user is a the “pilot” for a presentation and up to 15 “passenger” iPads can follow along via WiFi or Bluetooth. Idea Flight isn’t a general purpose presentation app, but… Read More

  • Conde Nast Adds A Street Style Fashion Platform With Teen Vogue's Fashion Click

    Sites like Fashism, Go Try It On and Weardrobe have shown that there is intrinsic value in the ability to share photos of what you are wearing and get feedback on your style. So it makes sense for fashion magazines to start launching similar efforts as a way to build a community around their online content. Conde Nast’s Teen Vogue property is launching its own user generated street… Read More

  • Reddit Chief Takes Flight To Hipmunk, Explains Why He's Leaving Now

    This morning, top Reddit administrator/engineer Chris Slowe announced that he was leaving the social link sharing site to join Hipmunk, the flight search startup that closed a hyper-competitive angel round last month. Slowe joined Reddit back in 2005 as the company’s first employee  — now he’ll be reunited with Reddit founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, both of… Read More

  • Ben Huh Asks: "I Can Haz Reddit?" (Offers To Buy It From Condé Nast)

    It’s no secret that social link sharing community Reddit isn’t singing the praises of its corporate parent Condé Nast, which acquired the company in 2006. Earlier today the two sparred over running ads in support of California’s Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana in the state. And Reddit has previously written about the shortage of resources that Condé Nast… Read More

  • Reddit Convinced Roughly 6,000 Users To Subscribe So Far

    Late last week, news recommendation service reddit started soliciting users to donate i.e. subscribe to reddit gold in order to allow the Condé Nast-owned company to hire more people and buy more servers. In a new blog post, reddit says approximately 6,000 users have donated to date. That represents less than 0.1 percent of reddit’s total number of users (unique visitors?), which comes… Read More

  • Reddit Asks Users For Money To Hire People Because "Revenue Isn't Great"

    In a slightly odd blog post published Friday night, Condé Nast-owned news recommendation service reddit calls for help. The company would love to hire engineers to complement the current technical team, which has been struggling with site sluggishness and outages lately and would also like to add some new features to reddit at some point. However, they write, although the company is owned by… Read More

  • Conde Nast Cooks Up A Tasty Digital Cookbook With The Epicurious iPad App

    We’ve heard about Conde Nast’s plans for iPad apps to showcase the publisher’s magazine content but with the release of apps on Apple’s App Store ahead of Saturday’s iPad launch, I found a gem of an app that would satisfy the tastes of any cook out there. Epicurious, which combines the content of shuttered magazine Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Self and user generated… Read More

  • Reimagining The Magazine Cover For The iPad

    Reimagining The Magazine Cover For The iPad

    Print publishers are in a tizzy over Apple’s new iPad because they hope to finally be able to charge for their digital editions. But in order to get people to pay for their magazine and newspaper apps, they are going to have to offer something different that readers cannot get at the newsstand or on the open Web. We’ve already seen plenty of prototypes from magazine publishers… Read More