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  • Reddit Convinced Roughly 6,000 Users To Subscribe So Far

    Late last week, news recommendation service reddit started soliciting users to donate i.e. subscribe to reddit gold in order to allow the Condé Nast-owned company to hire more people and buy more servers. In a new blog post, reddit says approximately 6,000 users have donated to date. That represents less than 0.1 percent of reddit’s total number of users (unique visitors?), which comes… Read More

  • Reddit Asks Users For Money To Hire People Because "Revenue Isn't Great"

    In a slightly odd blog post published Friday night, Condé Nast-owned news recommendation service reddit calls for help. The company would love to hire engineers to complement the current technical team, which has been struggling with site sluggishness and outages lately and would also like to add some new features to reddit at some point. However, they write, although the company is owned by… Read More