Rick Fox wants his concrete startup’s carbon credits to subsidize down payments for homeowners

Plenty of companies sell carbon credits, but Rick Fox wants to use them to help lower the cost of acquiring a home made of Partanna’s concrete blocks.

Former NBA star Rick Fox’s startup gets $12M pre-seed for concrete that removes CO2

If the company can keep up the pace, it stands to put a significant dent in the carbon footprint of the concrete industry.

When life gives you carbon, make Carbonaide

Finnish startup Carbonaide has just raised €1.8 million in seed funding to knock down concrete’s carbon emissions, but not the construction industry.

Perceptron: AI mixes concrete, designs molecules, and thinks with space lasers

Welcome to Perceptron, TechCrunch’s weekly roundup of AI news and research from around the world. Machine learning is a key technology in practically every industry now, and there’s far to

Leko Labs gets $21M to build greener

Luxembourg-based Leko Labs, a construction startup that’s developing sustainable wood-based building materials as an alternative to steel and concrete and applying automation to construction met

Heimdal pulls CO2 and cement-making materials out of seawater using renewable energy

One of the consequences of rising CO2 levels in our atmosphere is that levels also rise proportionately in the ocean, harming wildlife and changing ecosystems. Heimdal is a startup working to pull tha

It slices, it dices, it blasts through concrete I met a guy at a friend’s birthday party who works for Raytheon out here in the Boston area and he was really dodgy when I a