• ConceptShare Melds With Corel Draw

    We earlier reported that the design collaboration service ConceptShare had landed a distribution deal with another Canadian company, Corel. It turns out the two companies’ integration is a bit tighter than earlier reported. ConceptShare will not only be available through a separate website, but directly from within Corel Draw X4. This is one of the first deals of seen with such close… Read More

  • Marriage Made In Canada: ConceptShare And CorelDraw

    ConceptShare has released an upgraded version of their design collaboration service and minted a five year partnership with Corel. The two Canadian companies are teaming up for, a new version of ConceptShare that will let designers publish their drawings to the web using CorelDraw, and critique them with coworkers using ConceptShare. ConceptShare is kind of like… Read More

  • ConceptShare and Thinkature: Two Approaches to Visual Collaboration

    Collaboration between distributed users online is widely recognized as one of the key next steps in software development. The products available for collaboration are becoming increasingly light weight, powerful and easy to use. Two companies that we’ve found entering into this market with compelling, but markedly different, products are ConceptShare and Thinkature. Both products let… Read More