Is keyboard furniture the next memory foam?

<img src="" alt="keyboard chair" />If you've got about 40 of the same keyboard lying around (aww, I only have 37!) then might I sugge

Support Radio: Internet walkie-talkie concept is like audio Twitter

<img src=""> Designed to battle internet addiction, the Support Radio concept from designer Joe Malia is aimed at “partners, parents a

A phone designed by tech journalists: sweet or meh?

<img src="" />Wading through miles of devices gives tech journalists a unique outlook on what exactly everybody's doing <em>wrong</em

Scottish glasses fill from the bottom while I fill from top

If the river were lager and I were a duck, I’d buy a Trufill concept device designed for stadiums that can fill ten pints of beer in ten seconds and drink it all up. This amazing new concept use


Blast has a story about the cars of the future, a collection of kickass concept vehicles from all over the world – well, mostly Europe and Japan but there is one Buick. American makers are busy

Art Lebedev Studio shows off Scartel WiMax handset concepts

The design studio of Art Lebedev, perhaps most well known for their pocket-melting Optimus OLED keyboard, has been working on some WiMax handset concepts for Scartel, a Russian wireless carrier with p

The ‘iYo’ concept aims to make charging gadgets fun

Normally my gadgets run out of juice at the most inopportune times, so it’d be a bit agitating for me to have to play with a yo-yo in order to charge them up again. But if I were a yo-yo enthusiast

KDDI's cell phone prototypes look great on the web but rather dull in reality

KDDI, Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier, showcased a number of cell phone prototypes in their five-floor Design Studio [JP] in central Tokyo. The phones were designed by award-winning

Wearable, Tron-ish motorcycle concept, looks nice and safe There’s a reason the “wearable vehicle” concept has only taken off in games and insane stunts. It’s probably that par

Public concept products hurting the bottom line?

Conceptual products are fun. There’s no denying that. Everybody wants to see a car that looks like a jet, spaceship or rocket. Just the problem is, more often than not, the concept car does not exis

‘Plica’ concept phone folds, makes me want it

I’m not crazy about touchscreen keyboards — BUT! – I could probably make an exception for the Plica, if it ever comes out in real life. It’s a folding Nintendo DS-style device that can be

Thumbnail watch concept, would you buy one?

That watch is weird – I’m Brian Fellow! The TX54 took runner up in the Timex 2154 Future of Time competition. It’s a concept piece billed as “a disposable timepiece that is worn on the user’

Tiny cell phone concept with cool fold-out screen

Here’s a pencil-tiny cell phone (currently just a concept) for people with small pockets. From the looks of the device, there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of gobbledygook to confus

sPult remote concept sure looks nice, but would it work?

Am I crazy to admit that I actually enjoy the look of the design of this remote, called sPult? I don’t know how well it’d work—some of Yanko’s commenters have eviscerated it&md

Automated sundial concept totally awesome

I’m not one to get excited over clocks (I like corkscrews!), but this is pretty interesting. It takes the concept of the sundial to a mechanized future. Three lamps on concentric rings circle th

Some weird Nokia concept confuses me

I’m all for future conjecture, but this kind of stuff just clouds the issue. Will we have e-paper phones? Sure. Will we use nanotech? Sure. But will we have them soon and will we be using them i

Polaroid concept digital photo frame, just like the real thing

[photopress:draft_3727_big.gif.jpg,full,left]The Polaroid brand refuses to die. Though you can’t get film for your camera anymore, Polaroid is all about using retro design and nostalgia to keep

Concept lamp runs on gravity

[photopress:gravia_w_person_cutout_bw_400.jpg,full,center] You can take your solar power and scrub it. Solar power is great if you live in, I dunno, daylightistan (aka Los Angeles), but for those of u

Hitachi Rollerball Interface Concept Another concept device using a very cool system of see-through rollerballs and a back button to do just about anythi

Idea: Big League PC Makers Thinking of Going Steampunk?

We like Steampunk. For those not familiar with the term, it’s the name given to a modding movement that aims to recapture the warmth and style of the H.G. Wells and Jules Verne era, but with mod
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