• Conceptual Designs Push Innovation Forward: Check Out This Instagram Of The “Future”

    Conceptual Designs Push Innovation Forward: Check Out This Instagram Of The “Future”

    I’m a big fan of conceptual designs. Basically, designers who love to look at things and want to make them prettier will mock up what they think a product should be. One of the hottest properties in the world is Instagram, and it’s a very visually appealing app. One designer decided that he’d like to see it take a giant leap forward, so he put together a concept treatment. Read More

  • "Rotary Mechanical" Cell Phone Concept Isn't Practical, But It Looks Great

    Now, I’m as tired of steampunk as the next guy (unless the next guy works at BoingBoing), but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pretend something like this Rotary Mechanical concept isn’t cool. Steampunk got cool because of stuff like this, not people gluing brass fittings onto their top hats. Read More

  • Actually A Good Idea: Toothbrush With Built-In Toothpaste

    Tired of keeping around a tiny toothbrush for travel, or leaving nice ones at the hotel by accident? Don’t like to have to keep little 3-oz toothpaste tubes in a drawer in the bathroom? This thing might be fore you. Now, I do like this concept, though there are a few issues that come to mind. Read More

  • Zoomin Watch Zooms In

    This clever watch concept by Gennady Martynov & Emre Cetinkoprulu uses a pair of cyclops magnifiers to bring the current time into clear focus. It’s not actually, you know, available but it’s clever nonetheless. My only concern? The big fat hands will make it hard to see the numbers. Read More

  • Eyez: It's A Camera In A Pair Of Sunglasses

    I’m mad at Zion Eyez, the company that makes, or rather has theorized, these sunglasses-with-1080p-camera-in. Not because they’re late to the party (Lady Gaga presented a similar concept at CES and other companies have tried this), but because their site autoplays a video with “epic music,” and when you turn the sound off, it doesn’t turn the sound off. Read More

  • Keyboard With "Share" Button – Hot Or Not?

    I can’t tell whether this is a good idea or not. On one hand, it seems perfectly logical: adding a “share” key to normal keyboards that would automatically send whatever page or image you’re on to your sharing service of choice. On the other hand, isn’t it easy enough to do this already? Read More

  • NoteSlate: A Simple E-Paper Device That May Or May Not Exist

    I’ve seen this NoteSlate thing in a few places today, and while the idea is compelling to me, I’m not convinced that this thing is actually real. I mean, the pictures are all renders, the spec sheet is a fantasy, and a quick search turns up no patents or trademarks. Is this thing just a concept masquerading as a real product? It says it’s shipping in June, so… Read More

  • "Ultrasonic" Klang Speaker Concept Only Produces Sound Where Your Head Is

    I’m not quite sure I buy the physics behind these speakers entirely. The idea is that instead of simply vibrating a driver at the correct frequencies and projecting those vibrations out into the room, you use ultrasonic waves to vibrate only the air molecules along a path, and things outside of that path won’t hear the sound. Read More

  • Minimalist Turntable Plays Your Records Minimally

    This isn’t the first turntable we’ve seen that’s been stripped down to its bare parts, but it has the distinction of being more a deconstruction than a compacting of function. The Crosley Revolution and others like it take the whole turntable idea and crush it into a single slab, but this concept from R.D. Silva seems to keep the structure of the classic record player but… Read More

  • MSI Tablet Concept Has… A Rotating Projector On It

    This is probably one of the more baffling concepts I’ve seen. It’s a 10-inch tablet with a projector mounted as a sort of rotating hat. There are two obvious applications: projecting an image on the wall behind the tablet (putting the image on a table results, as you can see, in a distorted image) and projecting a virtual keyboard. Of course, it can’t actually do the… Read More

  • Concept ZIP Jacket Lets You Control Your Media With Clothes-Related Gestures

    You might remember the HoodieBuddie, a hoodie with integrated earbuds, so you could pop your mp3 player into the pocket, plug it in, and boom. This Zip jacket concept from Jennifer Darmour is a little more evolved, though I wonder if it’s taking the concept too far. But I’m posting it anyway, because the lady in the video made me. Read More

  • Edible Concept: Tetris Sugar Cubes

    I believe I saw something like this a year back that looked like it was created by licking normal sugar cubes and sticking them together, forming tetrads. As fun as that sounds, I’d just as soon have my Tetris pieces fully formed right out of the bag. That’s what this concept from Danil Zdorov aims to do. Read More

  • "The Raider": British Combat Vehicle Design Based On Batmobile

    British defense company BAE Systems recently unveiled a concept vehicle whose design it says was inspired by the Batmobile (The Tumbler) from “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. The world’s second largest defense company is thinking about using the so-called “The Raider” design for “a small, highly agile autonomous reconnaissance and… Read More

  • Candela Is A Candle For People Who Are Afraid Of Candles

    While candles are still a big business, there aren’t many of us who would rely on them for light. Mood, or scent, sure — but with the recent invention of electrical light, candles have been less than useful for their original purpose. The Candela is a concept that attempts to make candles useful again to a generation unacquainted with their subtle joys. Read More

  • Thou Shalt Not Surge

    This is still just a concept, but the cruciform Power/Strip surge protector does more than keep your gadgets pious. Oversized adapters and bricks are welcome on its spreading crossbars, and a full 12 outlets means no more arguments among your disciples over who gets to charge first. [via CNET] Read More

  • These Concept OLED Lights Are Brilliant

    Get it, brilliant? Okay, I’ve had my fun. Down to business. The concepts in this gallery at Inhabitat are designs exploring potential of a certain size of OLED panel. The one above was designed by Emory Krall for Universal Display. The idea of razor-thin, low-heat, easily dimmable lighting like this is exciting to me. Why do I love lamps so much? Read More

  • Highly Sculpted Mouse Fits Your Hand Exactly, Or That's The Plan Anyway

    There are, as I have had many opportunities to observe, several approaches to “fitting” a mouse. You’ve got the “universal,” which has a sort of generally pleasing shape, like the SteelSeries Xai. You’ve got the highly-sculpted ones, which have individual grooves for your thumb and a sort of lopsided profile. A good recent example would be the Cyber… Read More

  • Tandem USB Connector: Good Idea, Bad Idea

    While I applaud the elegant nature of this USB centipede concept, it brings up (as most concepts do) as many questions as it answers. How will power be isolated in one or another device? How much will an integrated USB controller increase the price of each device? What if you need to unplug the one in the middle? And of course, while it’s not nearly as cool of an idea, a good USB hub… Read More

  • Leggy disk drive stands up to avoid spills

    This is pretty cute, and may even be practical. The Floppy Legs drive is a design project by Chambers Judd with little legs that detect moisture and immediately stand the drive up — instead of voiding your warranty, like normal moisture detectors. Read More

  • WiFi-enabled lock is a good idea, but the lock needs some work

    As is the case with so many concepts we see here at CG, the design here hasn’t really caught up to the idea — like that other bike lock I just wrote up. Lock that alerts you via WiFi if it gets tampered with? Good. Lock that looks like you could cut through it with a pair of kiddie scissors? Not so good. Read More

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