Conan O’Brien

  • Facebook set to foster popularity of branded content

    Facebook set to foster popularity of branded content

    Branded content was already becoming more attractive to many marketers and publishers trying to navigate the shoals of the online media ecosystem. Now, thanks to Facebook, it’s set to really take off. I think this sector will grow quickly, and in some interesting new directions. Read More

  • Conan O’Brien Has An Office Full Of Robots

    Conan O’Brien Has An Office Full Of Robots

    If you haven’t yet noticed, robots are kind of taking over the world. They’re writing quarterly earnings reports for the AP. They’re reportedly building the next iPhone. And, of course, they help run Conan O’Brien’s office. The late-night comedian explained that robots have been around in his office for quite some time, and that there are different robots for… Read More

  • Conan O’Brien Tries Out Tinder

    Conan O’Brien Tries Out Tinder

    For many of us in the tech world, the word “Tinder” has been a part of our vocabulary for years now. (And no, I don’t mean kindling for a fire.) Still, some folks are just now jumping on the bandwagon, not least of which is Mr. Conan O’Brien himself. Our beloved late-night host joined in the Tinder fun last night, and made quite a connection with a 74-year-old lady… Read More

  • Conan Returns To Big Ratings Last Night, Beats Leno & Letterman

    Yesterday we (well, I) asked the question of whether or not Team Coco would follow Conan O’Brien to his new show on TBS. Survey says… apparently so! The ratings are in and “Conan” did really, really well. So well, in fact, that he beat Leno, Letterman, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert in the all-important 18-49 demo. (Advertisers, and thereby network executives, only care… Read More

  • Conan Makes Fun of Internet

    Conan O'Brien Makes Fun Of Internet, Bites Hand That Feeds Him

    Last night Internet darling Conan O’Brien triumphantly returned to television for the first time since his infamous skirmish with NBC earlier this year. While introducing the winner of the online “Conan’s First Guest” poll, Conan started to do an impression of the kind of people who vote online (read: smartphone twiddling nerds), stopping mid sentence to state… Read More

  • Conan O’Brien Returns To TV Tonight. Will Team Coco Follow Him?

    Attention, Team Coco! I just want to remind y’all that Conan’s new show, conveniently named “Conan,” debuts tonight on TBS at 11pm. Read More

  • Conan gets a show on TBS

    I should probably mention that Conan O’Brien has a show on TBS now. I know it’s not necessarily related to the latest graphics card, or to the kin 1 or kin 2, but we did spend an awful lot of time talking about the whole “I’m With Coco” movement. Sure would be silly to leave the story hanging, right? Read More

  • Conan O'Brien goes on the road to make people laugh, Leno asks 'What's laughter?'

    A little update on Conan O’Brien, seeing as though we spent a couple of days there talking about his every move. The man is taking his show on the road, bringing the funny to a city near you in the coming weeks! It’s the called “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour,” and I’m sure it’ll be wonderful. Read More

  • Steve Jobs wants to know: Are you with Cocoa?

    We’re all with Coco here (and so is my Zune HD), so this shirt (and poster) instantly gets awesome points. Are you with Cocoa? (Note: If you’re not with Cocoa, then you might want to stay off the Internet tomorrow…) Read More