• Thanko's USB-powered foot switch pedal

    Long time no hear from Tokyo-based USB gadget maker Thanko. The company today announced foot switch pedals [JP] for use with Windows XP, 7 or Vista machines (I am aware this isn’t a world’s first, but the last Thanko post was too long ago). Just assign any key on your keyboard to one of the pedals, and you won’t need your fingers to press that key ever again. Read More

  • Two awesome Gundam PC cases

    We all know Japan is Gundam country (I’ll go cover the newly opened Gundam Cafe in Tokyo next week) and that Akihabara is heaven for PC geeks and modders. So what can you expect when you combine both things? Not one but two cool Gundam PC cases. Read More

  • I hate computers: confessions of a sysadmin

    I often wonder if plumbers reach a point in their career, after cleaning clogged drain after clogged drain, that they begin to hate plumbing. They hate pipes. They hate plumber’s putty. They hate all the tricks they’ve learned over the years, and they hate the need to have to learn tricks. It’s plumbing, for goodness sake: pipes fitting together and substances flowing… Read More

  • The VIA ARTiGO A1100 is so small you might lose it

    Look at the palm of your hand. Imagine if you will a future that includes computers that size. Brother! Good news! The future is here with the Via ARTiGO A1100! Read More

  • The Amiga is coming back!

    The Amiga lives! Yes, a company by the name of A-EON will resurrect the famous computer this summer, but not before pumping it full of growth hormone. One stat to whet your appetite: while the Amiga A100 had a maximum of 8MB of memory, the new guy will have 2GB. That’s 250 times as much memory. Read More

  • NEC plans to ship 3D desktop PCs later this year

    Virtually every Japanese tech company has made some 3D-related announcement in the past months, but one remained suspiciously quiet in that area: NEC. We covered their (apparently very cool) glasses-free 3D 12.1-incher last year (it’s yet to be commercialized), and today NEC made some initial announcements about a 3D desktop PC that’s supposed to hit Japanese stores by year-end. Read More

  • NetWalker PC-T1: Sharp announces mini tablet for Japan for next month

    The iPad hasn’t landed in Japan yet, giving domestic competitors some room for their own announcements for tablet PCs. Sharp, for example, today unveiled [JP] the NetWalker PC-T1, which looks like a tablet variant of the PC-Z1 the company introduced last year. Both models look pretty similar, it’s just that the older device lost the keyboard to become the T1. Read More

  • Rilakkuma: Ultra-mobile, ultra-cute tablet PC

    First a Casio Exilim, now an ultra-mobile PC (or UMPC, as the Japanese say): Cult teddy bear Rilakkuma is on his way to dethrone Hello Kitty as the character of choice for Japanese electronics companies when it comes to giving gadgets that extra-cute touch. The bear is now to be seen on a special version of a Kohjinsha tablet PC [JP, PDF] that’s part of the company’s XS series. Read More

  • Digital Storm Black|Ops certainly looks good

    What’s the opinion on buying pre-built gaming PCs? I’m pretty sure there’s a certain sense of pride that comes with building your own PC, but I also recognize that not everybody has all the time in the world to research motherboards, RAM timings, and all that jazz. Like, say, look at this PC. It’s the Digital Storm Black|Ops (The irony of promoting a black op!), and A)… Read More

  • PC shipments up 15 percent last quarter (but none of those are the Apple tablet so whatever)

    There was plenty of talk ever since Lehman Brothers exploded in mid-2008 about how would consumers cope. Would they keep buying widgets in the face of insane job cuts? Would they keep buying, but only at a fraction of what they had in the past? Let’s take PC sales, a pretty good barometer of where the average person is. (It’s a big purchase, but not like buying a car or house.)… Read More

  • Video: EyeController for iPhone/iPod touch + Marvell Plug Computer

    By request from one of our readers (see, we listen!) I zipped over to Marvell’s booth to check out the Plug Computer and got the added bonus of a demonstration of EyeconTroller, an iPhone/iPod touch/computer app that manages media. You can drag and drop media files into various containers, which will play back those particular files on connected household devices – TVs… Read More

  • 2 new audio/video units from Rain Computers

    All this CES coverage makes you just want to hear about a different event, doesn’t it? Well, if the more music tech inclined among you are looking forward to the NAMM trade show in one week’s time, keep an eye out for the Rain Computers booth. They will be showing off their new LiveBook Studio laptop and ION Studio rackmount unit, both geared for audio and video editing, and both… Read More

  • Adventures in Best Buy 'optimization'

    This is what happens when there’s no competition in an industry. Best Buy was the subject of Consumerist/Consumer Reports investigation re: “optimization.” Best Buy tries to sell computers to an unsuspecting public that have been “optimized” by the Geek Squad. And while the motives of the individual Geek Squad guy is probably on the up and up, the big bad… Read More

  • Dell and Goodwill add more free computer recycling drop off sites

    Ever tried to get rid of an old, sack o’ crap computer? It’s not as easy as it sounds. You can’t just throw it in the garbage (legally), charitable organizations have finally realized that it takes more time and effort than it’s worth to refurbish a 486 DX2/66 machine that nobody’s going to use anyway, and dumping the computer at your municipal recycling center… Read More

  • MSI launches 21.5-inch Wind Top AE2220: 1080p and multi-touch starting at $750

    Ooh la la, this looks to be an interesting machine right here. Starting at $750, MSI’s latest “Wind Top” all-in-one features a big 21.5-inch 1920×1080 multi-touch LCD, NVIDIA ION graphics, Windows 7 Home Premium, and a wireless mouse and keyboard set. Read More

  • Gift Guide 2009: Netbooks

    [tab:Intro][flagallery gid=3 name=”CrunchGear Gift Guide 2009″] The Year of the Netbook. That’s 2009. You can’t walk into a consumer electronics store without seeing netbooks everywhere. Actually you can’t really walk into a consumer electronics store, period, since they’re closing up faster than costume shops the day after Halloween. But that’s… Read More

  • Dell adds Core i5 to their Vostro line

    Dell just added a new model to their rather stodgy looking Vostro line, the excitingly named “Vostro 430”. This isn’t particularly newsworthy, however what IS newsworthy is that their new computers will protect you. From the future!!!11! Read More

  • DIY Lunar Lading Computer

    Here’s a project for a rainy year: a DIY Apollo Guidance Computer with 4K RAM, 32K words of ROM, and a 1Mhz processor. One John Pultorak built his own replica in 2004 and released the plans to the world, giving us a glimpse into what was essentially the first pocket calculator on the moon. The Apollo AGC itself is a piece of computing history, it was developed by the MIT… Read More

  • eMachines all-in-one priced to move at $399

    eMachines comes out swinging with the EZ1601-01 all-in-one PC. The “EZ” stands for “easy on the wallet” — I should have been in advertising — as the machine is priced at just $399. Read More

  • ViewSonic VPC100 all-in-one now shipping to US retailers

    In case you hadn’t heard, ViewSonic — fine purveyor of affordable LCD monitors — has crossed over into the all-in-one desktop market. The company’s new VPC100 is now shipping to US retailers with an MSRP of $599. Read More

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