Computer Vision

Squint peers at $13M led by Sequoia for AR aimed at B2B to interact with physical objects

Apple’s and Google’s move into smart augmented reality several years ago, creating ways for people to use their smartphone cameras to identify everyday objects to interact with them, put t

Pinterest begins testing a ‘body type ranges’ tool to make searches more inclusive

Pinterest is today expanding on its efforts to make its product more inclusive with respect to body type diversity with the test of a new consumer-facing tool that allows users to filter select search

Viso eyes no-code for the future of computer vision and scores funding to scale

Computer vision has become commonplace across innumerable industries, but the methods of creating and controlling these visual AI models aren’t so easy. Viso is building a low/no-code end-to-end

AI-powered parking platform Metropolis raises $1.7B to acquire SP Plus

AI-powered parking platform Metropolis today announced that it raised $1.7 billion to acquire SP Plus, a provider of parking facility management services, in a combination of equity and debt. Eldridge

Meta releases a dataset to probe computer vision models for biases

Continuing on its open source tear, Meta today released a new AI benchmark, FACET, designed to evaluate the “fairness” of AI models that classify and detect things in photos and videos, in

Voxel uses computer vision to increase workplace safety

The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 340 million workplace incidents every year. Voxel was created to increase workplace safety through computer vision. The startup announced

Tractable snaps up $65M led by SoftBank for car and property damage appraisals using AI

When it comes to transforming business operations, artificial intelligence holds a lot of promise across many industries. Today, a startup that has been an early mover in the area of applying AI, and

Wildfire detection startup Pano AI extends its $20M Series A with another $17M

Not all use cases for AI make sense, but Pano AI makes a life-saving contribution in the “yes” column. Just last week, the company was able to send early warnings of the Kutch Road Fire, w

SnapCalorie taps AI to estimate the caloric content of food from photos

While working at Google, Wade Norris wanted to create a project that could positively impact people’s lives. He co-founded Google Lens, Google’s computer vision-powered app that brings up info

Kibsi raises $9.3M for its no-code computer vision platform

Kibsi is an Irvine, California-based startup that is building a no-code computer vision platform that allows businesses to build and deploy computer vision applications. Among the things that set Kibs

SLAIT pivots from translating sign language to AI-powered interactive lessons

Millions of people use sign language, but the methods of teaching this complex and subtle skill haven’t evolved as quickly as those for written and spoken languages. SLAIT School aims to change

Everseen raises over $70M for AI tech to spot potential retail theft

In 2007, Alan O’Herlihy, who previously worked with large SAP installations as well as retail, set out to find a way to help retailers minimize “shrinkage,” or where a store has fewer it

Microsoft’s computer vision model will generate alt text for Reddit images

Two years ago, Microsoft announced Florence, an AI system that it pitched as a “complete rethinking” of modern computer vision models. Unlike most vision models at the time, Florence was b

Guide dogs will be giving the side-eye to self-driving car tech coming for their jobs

The visually impaired are getting a helping hand (or a helping belt, as it were) from Korean startup AI Guided. At CES in Las Vegas, the company was showing off some pretty neat tech that incorporates

Computer vision technology startup Brodmann17 has shut down

Brodmann17, an Israeli computer vision technology startup that developed a novel approach to take on a marketplace dominated by Mobileye, shut down this week. Brodmann17’s co-founder and CEO Adi

WeWalk raises cash to bring computer vision to smart cane for visually impaired people

WeWalk, a U.K.-based startup developing a “smart cane” for visually impaired people, today announced it has raised £2 million ($2.4 million) in venture funding from several notable instit

V7 snaps up $33M to automate training data for computer vision AI models

Artificial intelligence promises to help humans carry out everyday tasks faster and quickly solve problems that they have been too big for humans to tackle. But ironically, the building that AI can ta

Deepomatic wants to build the AI-based computer vision companion for field workers

French startup Deepomatic has raised a $10.5 million (€10 million) Series B funding round. While the round is relatively small, the startup has managed to convince some large-scale clients to use it

Invisible AI raises $15M to stick worker-monitoring cameras in factories

The rise of so-called “smart factory” technologies is leading to a race to modernize manufacturing plant and warehouse floors. Old equipment is being replaced by newer, more advanced machi

Voxel51 lands funds for its platform to manage unstructured data

Voxel51, a startup developing a platform to analyze unstructured data, such as images and videos, has raised $12.5 million in a Series A round led by Drive Capital, with participation from Top Harvest
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