• Samsung posts another record profit thanks to its chips business

    Samsung posts another record profit thanks to its chips business

    Samsung posted another record quarter, and it again has its components business to thank for more stellar results. The Korea tech giant shrugged off scandals, which include a jail sentence for its de facto leader and last year’s Note 7 saga, to record a 14.53 trillion won ($12.92 billion) profit for the recent Q3 2017 period. Revenue came in at 62.05 trillion won ($55.18 billion), up… Read More

  • Apple’s iPad Air Cost-To-Build Estimated At Less Than iPad 3 At Launch

    Apple’s iPad Air Cost-To-Build Estimated At Less Than iPad 3 At Launch

    Apple has released its iPad Air, and while we don’t yet know how many it sold during opening weekend (it’s likely waiting to reveal launch numbers until the iPad mini with Retina display goes on sale), we do know that it seems to be enjoying strong adoption rates. The cost of building this latest iPad should help Apple’s product margins, too, if a teardown by analyst firm… Read More

  • Seagate Angry At Jobs' Heartless Cracks Against Hard Drives

    This is not your grampy’s hard drive. SSD isn’t so great, guys, OK? When Steve was all like “SSD is the future! Blah de blah blah!” he definitely wasn’t thinking of those poor hard drive manufacturers who dumped a fortune into mechanical disk factories! Quoth Seagate’s Steve Luczo: I would say though that from what we know of the offering for example Apple… Read More

  • OCZ now offering 4GB DDR3 DIMMs

    The world of memory timings, latency, and voltage is a strange one, but usually you can count on the fact that more RAM is better. OCZ, purveyor of fine system components (and super cheap ones), wants you to know that you can have as much DDR3 as you like — no more stacking up DIMMs up in your measly four slots for a paltry total of 8GB. No, they have doubled the capacity to 4GB/DIMM… Read More

  • The only guide to current-generation CPU features you'll ever need

    Do you like PC hardware? Do you like graphs? Well, tell the secretary to hold all your calls, because you’ve just booked yourself an afternoon of CPU feature inspection. Okay, it doesn’t sound that exciting, but if you’re at all interested in processors or PC hardware, you probably owe it to yourself to check out the real-world consequences of multiple cores, hyperthreading… Read More

  • USB powered VGA to HDMI converter

    Here’s what appears to be an easy way to hook your VGA-only notebook or netbook up to your fancy HDTV’s HDMI port. The Atlona VGA to HDMI Scaler/Converter is powered via USB and features a built-in image scaler to ensure that the picture on your TV looks the way it should regardless of what resolution your computer monitor’s set at. Read More

  • Sweet touchscreen fan control for your already-overdecorated PC rig

    If you’re a control freak with your computers (like yours truly), you like to have lots of settings at your fingertips. For fan speed, I actually only tweak my MacBook Pro’s, using SMCFanControl, since the sucker gets hot at default settings. But if you’re concerned about the heat in your gaming rig or want to be sure the fans don’t start blasting in the middle of a… Read More

  • CPU fan noise disturbing your meditation? Try an enormous passive cooling solution

    Fans in our high-powered PCs keep getting bigger and louder, since our high-powered CPUs and high-powered video cards keep pumping out more and more heat. And no matter how “silent” they’re advertised as being, four of five of them in one case will always make some noise. So what can you do? Liquid cooling is a possibility, but installation can be complicated and failure can… Read More

  • Roundup of latest SSDs reveals yet another stalemate (a hot one though)

    We’re seeing SSDs popping up more and more, in plain drive form or included with high-performance laptops. There’s lots of news to sift through and it’s easy to get lost and wonder “Are any of these stupid things different from each other apart from capacity?” And the short answer is… yeah. But imagine I’m saying that while looking skeptical and making… Read More

  • Crazy heatsink for your CPU creates a vortex, possibly

    If what I’m getting out of the dubious Google translation of this page is correct, this freaky component is a heatsink for your CPU. But it’s so big, and the fan is… also so big! It looks like cool air is pulled in through the vents on the bottom of the four-barreled aluminum “T-Shooter” and blown out the top by a full-size fan constantly sucking air out of… Read More

  • Penny fer a heatsink, guv'nor?

    I’m no rocket therapist but isn’t using a potentially fally-offy penny as a heatsink a bit dangerous in the aggregate but this little test of weird heatsinks is actually pretty cool. They used a few permutations here: paperclip, bolted penny, glued penny, and four pennies in series. The results are startling. Read More

  • Next NVIDIA generation features faulty last-gen solder?

    NVIDIA’s “abnormal” number of GPU failures have been the subject of much discussion and speculation during the last couple months. The culprit seems to have been the high-lead solder, which everybody rightly assumed NVIDIA would abandon — after all, it’s cost the company hundreds of millions in direct costs and probably far more in lost sales, lost brand… Read More

  • Newest passive PSUs: actually silent, actually decent

    I might have to pick one of these up. A good PSU is essential for a good system; people tend to buy cheap and then are surprised when they’re loud, inefficient, and breaky. Well, here’s a little comparison of two of the newest silent PSUs on the block and it looks like (spoiler warning) the Silverstone Nightjar 450 is the pick of the litter. At 450 watts, it’s not going to… Read More

  • OCZ StealthXStream 600W: a perfectly decent PSU at a bargain price

    In this exhaustive review, the StealthXStream is taken apart and examined minutely by what I can only describe as zealous enthusiasts in the hardware field. Normally I just read the comments at Newegg to see whether a PSU lives up to its power promises, but these reviewers break it to pieces and track the manufacturers. It’s an interesting read if you’ve never contemplated the bits… Read More

  • iPod Touch sports under-the-hood improvements over the iPhone

    The gadget-smashers at iSuppli have cracked open and indexed the iPod Touch’s parts, and found that it’s more than a crippled iPhone (some would say the iPhone was crippled already, but that’s another story.) The parts used are 90 percent the same, they say, but the iPod Touch has a more unified design. It uses a single PCB for one thing, and the touchscreen and a different… Read More

  • Kenwood Introduces Two Standalone SACD Players

    Though SACD isn’t the most popular format, it certainly has its fans. And that’s pretty much all you need to sell a product. The product and people who want to buy your product – it’s all quite simple. Kenwood’s X-Z7 and X-Z9 SACD players pack updated features and a lot of power. Both players feature WMA and MP3 compatibility, meaning you can just burn a CD full… Read More

  • Apple TV: It's Cheaper Than You Think

    iSuppli’s dissection of the device revealed the $237 manufacturing price which would create a per-sale profit of $64 before marketing costs. Unusual? Absolutely, considering that products like the Nano exceeded 50% in profits. Based on these numbers, analysts seem to think the Apple TV will make little to no impact on revenue. Apple’s surprising financial plan for the Apple TV… Read More

  • Samsung SpinPoint S166 Hard Drives Don't Bring The Noise

    While sizes and speeds of hard drives always seem to be going up, it’s a little more rare to see a company doing something about the sound given off by the fast-spinning platters. Samsung’s SpinPoint S166 hard disk drive series, however, does address noise by using its proprietary SilentSeek and NoiseGuard technologies “to accelerate operational speed while reducing… Read More

  • CES 2007: Dear Diary…Hump Day Part Two

    It’s been a long friggin’ week, but I’m in the home stretch now. Just four meetings left: Cyberlink, Toshiba, Linksys and Microsoft’s SPOT group. If you’ve bought a new Windows computer in the past few years or installed a new optical drive or graphics card in your PC, there’s a very good chance you have some bit of Cyberlink’s software on your… Read More

  • Toshiba Hits 100GB Mark With 1.8-Inch Hard Drives

    OK, raise your hand if you’d like more storage in your mobile devices e.g. your MP3 player, PMP, PDA (you’re still using a PDA?), UMPC (if you’re one of the five people that bought one) or your ultra-mobile laptop. Well thank goodness there are companies like Toshiba out there increasing the storage capacity of 1.8-inch hard disk drives to 100GB. Based on perpendicular… Read More