ZTE postpones earnings report after being slapped with U.S. exports ban

ZTE will postpone the release of its quarterly earnings report after the United States government banned American companies from selling goods to the Chinese telecom and smartphone maker. In a filing

Samsung posts another record profit thanks to its chips business

Samsung posted another record quarter, and it again has its components business to thank for more stellar results. The Korea tech giant shrugged off scandals, which include a jail sentence for its de

Apple’s iPad Air Cost-To-Build Estimated At Less Than iPad 3 At Launch

Apple has released its iPad Air, and while we don't yet know how many it sold during opening weekend (it's likely waiting to reveal launch numbers until the iPad mini with Retina display goes on sale)

Seagate Angry At Jobs' Heartless Cracks Against Hard Drives

This is not your grampy’s hard drive. SSD isn’t so great, guys, OK? When Steve was all like “SSD is the future! Blah de blah blah!” he definitely wasn’t thinking of those

OCZ now offering 4GB DDR3 DIMMs

<img src="" />The world of memory timings, latency, and voltage is a strange one, but usually you can count on the fact that more

The only guide to current-generation CPU features you'll ever need

<img src="" />Do you like PC hardware? Do you like graphs? Well, tell the secretary to hold all your calls, because you

USB powered VGA to HDMI converter

<img src="" alt="" />Here’s what appears to be an easy way to hook your VGA-only notebook or netbook up to your fancy HDTV’s HDMI por

Sweet touchscreen fan control for your already-overdecorated PC rig

<img src="" />If you're a control freak with your computers (like yours truly), you like to have lots of settings at your fingertips. F

CPU fan noise disturbing your meditation? Try an enormous passive cooling solution

<img src="" />Fans in our high-powered PCs keep getting bigger and louder, since our high-powered CPUs and high-powered video cards kee

Roundup of latest SSDs reveals yet another stalemate (a hot one though)

<img src="" alt="ssds" title="ssds" width="620" height="480" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-90150" /> We're seeing SSDs popping up m

Crazy heatsink for your CPU creates a vortex, possibly

<img src="" />If what I'm getting out of the dubious Google <a href="

Penny fer a heatsink, guv'nor?

<img src="">I'm no rocket therapist but isn't using a potentially fally-offy penny as a heatsink a bit dangerous in the aggregate <a HRE

Next NVIDIA generation features faulty last-gen solder?

NVIDIA’s “abnormal” number of GPU failures have been the subject of much discussion and speculation during the last couple months. The culprit seems to have been the high-lead solder

Newest passive PSUs: actually silent, actually decent

I might have to pick one of these up. A good PSU is essential for a good system; people tend to buy cheap and then are surprised when they’re loud, inefficient, and breaky. Well, here’s a

OCZ StealthXStream 600W: a perfectly decent PSU at a bargain price

In this exhaustive review, the StealthXStream is taken apart and examined minutely by what I can only describe as zealous enthusiasts in the hardware field. Normally I just read the comments at Newegg

iPod Touch sports under-the-hood improvements over the iPhone

The gadget-smashers at iSuppli have cracked open and indexed the iPod Touch’s parts, and found that it’s more than a crippled iPhone (some would say the iPhone was crippled already, but th

Kenwood Introduces Two Standalone SACD Players

Though SACD isn’t the most popular format, it certainly has its fans. And that’s pretty much all you need to sell a product. The product and people who want to buy your product – it&

Apple TV: It's Cheaper Than You Think

iSuppli’s dissection of the device revealed the $237 manufacturing price which would create a per-sale profit of $64 before marketing costs. Unusual? Absolutely, considering that products like t

Samsung SpinPoint S166 Hard Drives Don't Bring The Noise

While sizes and speeds of hard drives always seem to be going up, it’s a little more rare to see a company doing something about the sound given off by the fast-spinning platters. Samsung’

CES 2007: Dear Diary…Hump Day Part Two

It’s been a long friggin’ week, but I’m in the home stretch now. Just four meetings left: Cyberlink, Toshiba, Linksys and Microsoft’s SPOT group. If you’ve bought a new W
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