• Potential Open Source License Violations In Android and iOS Apps?

    One of the reasons a lot of big companies shy away from using open source software is because the plethora of open source licenses can make things confusing. The licenses themselves can be confusing, as there are a lot of grey areas with very little case law to help make things clear. Some open source licenses are compatible with certain other open source licenses, but completely incompatible… Read More

  • RediLearning Closes $1.75 Million For Systems To Train Senior Care Workers

    RediLearning, a Florida startup that delivers continuing education coursework to nurses, therapists and other senior care health workers closed a $1.75 million round of funding from angel investors, SEC filings revealed today. The chief executive and co-founder of RediLearning, Michael Hemlepp said that the company would use its new found growth capital to “Create additional content… Read More