Elon Musk’s new Tesla pay plan encourages him to shoot for the stars — but what if he misses?

Elon Musk, a charismatic entrepreneur, is nothing if not audacious. You’d expect the board of Tesla Industries to shape a CEO compensation plan that suits its outsized leader, and boy, did they ever

Glassdoor will now tell you if you’re being underpaid

Some people get really uncomfortable when talking about salary, so Glassdoor has released a new tool to help people better determine their worth in compensation. Know Your Worth aims to help people ga

Women aren’t the only ones who feel they’re not paid fairly in tech

Comparably, the Glassdoor-like platform for self-reporting employment and compensation data, has released some data around culture at tech companies. Within a couple of weeks of launching, over 2,000

Sharing Salaries In A Spreadsheet Is Not The Way To Pay Transparency

In the last couple weeks, I’ve seen a lot of media coverage on one former Google employee’s effort to bring more pay transparency to her workplace by creating a spreadsheet for co-workers to share

Apple CEO Tim Cook Receives Just $4.17M In Compensation In 2012, Versus $378M In 2011

Apple has filed a preliminary proxy statement with the SEC today ahead of its annual shareholder meeting for 2013, and it reveals executive compensation metrics for the company's senior leadership. CE

Tech CEOs See Flat Annual Compensation For The First Time In A Decade

<img src="" width="215" height="144" /> In most years, come rain or shine, executive pay at technology startups always goes up be