• Ubuntu, Leopard and the tale of the whimsical comparisons

    I was reading over this Linux Magazine article comparing the latest version of Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon) with Leopard when two lines stopped me: Contrast that to Ubuntu, which touts its better multiple monitor support. It may be getting better, but it’s still not there yet, and I’m just glad I had my trusty xorg.conf file backed up and ready to fall back on. You wanna know why… Read More

  • Graphics Comparison: Xbox 360 vs. PS3

    Which system has the better graphics, the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3? Clearly it’s an important topic that needs to be addressed and GameSpot did just that. This is the second graphics comparison it has done, coming six months after the first. The idea is that, six months ago, the PS3 was still shiny and new and relatively unknown to developers in comparison to the already year-old… Read More