• Verizon Preps Compaq Mini, The First LTE-Enabled Netbook

    Verizon Preps Compaq Mini, The First LTE-Enabled Netbook

    Have you been itching some Verizon 4G love in a package that’s just a hair more portable than their also-just-announced HP Pavilion dm1? I know I haven’t, but Verizon has just announced their first 4G capable netbook, the Compaq Mini CQ10-688nr all the same. Read More

  • The Top Ten Groundbreaking Slates

    Tomorrow is a big day. Apple will be revealing a brand new product to the masses. While we don’t know what it will be called, we’re quite certain Jobs will be unveiling the much-anticipated Apple Tablet. While the Apple Tablet may very well revolutionize the tablet industry–as their previous products have done many times before–it wouldn’t be where it is without… Read More

  • HP's Compaq Mini 700 announced for UK market

    The HP MIni 1000 launched here in the States yesterday, and the Compaq division quietly announced a nearly identical re-branded netbook for the UK market. The Compaq MIni 700 has the same 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, along with the same HDD and SDD options, but ships with a 10.2 1,024 x 600 (16:10) display, optional HSDPA radio, and a £299 price. That price happens to be £100 less than the HPs… Read More

  • Business ultraportables coming from HP next month

    HP officially announced three new ultraportables today. The Elitebook 2530p will feature the steel wool-proof aluminum casing that Peter saw back in June along with a 3.19-pound frame, 12.1-inch widescreen display, and your choice of a 1.8-inch hard drive plus optical drive or a higher capacity 2.5-inch hard drive without an optical drive. Then there’s the Elitebook 2730p convertible… Read More

  • HP EliteBook packs Blu-ray, magnesium alloy cover

    The HP EliteBook was just demoed and some German TV personality just attacked the cover with steel wool. Guess that magnesium alloy cover really works. The 14.1-inch (WXGA) screen laptop weighs in at 4.7 lbs and is military grade, believe it or not. It passes the MIL-STD 810F for high temperature, altitude, humidity, dust and vibration. The EliteBook 6930p is powered by a 45nm Intel Centrino… Read More

  • 1983: Byte Magazine reviews the very first Compaq clone PC – 28 pounds and portable!

    I’ll let the article do the talking here. Who doesn’t love this vintage computing stuff? I hardly understand most of it since I grew up with DOS, Windows 3.1 and Mac OS 6 more than anything else, but it’s great to take a trip to the deeper past every once in a while. My favorite part: The Compaq computer is designed to be portable, and although it weighs 28 pounds, it… Read More

  • HP offers 16GB solid-state drive in new small PC

    Hewlett Packard has a new “ultra-slim” PC available starting at $729 with an optional 16GB solid-state hard drive for an additional $328 if you configure one to your liking. So for almost half the value of the computer, you can go from an 80GB SATA hard drive to a 16GB solid-state drive. It’s nice that HP and others are deciding to at least offer these solid state drives… Read More

  • HP/Compaq notebooks are riddled with problems

    Attention HP Pavillion dv6000/dv9000 and Compaq Persario V6000 owners, Your notebook may be in serious trouble. Does your notebook fall under any of the above in the table? If so then read on. Read More

  • FCC Approves HP Compaq 2710p Tablet PC

    The HP Compaq 2710p aka Optimator, not to be confused with Optimus Prime, tablet has finally been approved by the FCC after months of speculation. The ultra-thin tablet includes the following specs: Read More

  • HP's Compaq Tablet Lineup Grows By One, the 2710p: It Comes Out in July

    News of HP’s entrance into the gaming notebook market rocked the world yesterday and today brings word of an addition to its tablet lineup. It’s the 2710p and we have no idea what it does, just that it has 802.11n. Oh, wait, and there’s a Webcam option. It’s due to hit stores, online or off, sometime in July. Hotness? Anteprima: HP Compaq 2710p [Notebook Italia via… Read More

  • HP Planning To Launch New PC Brand?

    Former CEO of Voodoo PC Rahul Sood was at a gaming event last night where he sparked a few rumors regarding HP. Sood says that by the end of 2007, HP will have launched a new brand of PCs with a completely new name. That’s right, not Compaq, not Voodoo, not HP, but rather a whole new entity! He went on to describe that the PCs will be in the “high-to-mid tier” of… Read More