The Commodore PET Has Been Reincarnated As A Phone

[youtube=] The 1980s are back again! The guys who bought the Commodore name are releasing an Android smartphone for about $300. The price includes some bog s

Jack Tramiel, Founder Of Commodore International, Dies At 83

Jack Tramiel, one of the PC industry's major pioneers, <a href="">has died</a>. He was

Commodore knocks off the Eee keyboard, calls it the "Invictus"

<img src="" />How'd we miss this weird thing? Straight into the <a href="">WTF </a>pile for

HyperSID brings 8-bit sound back to the 21st century

The MOS Technology sound interface device (SID) has been a favorite of electronic musicians for decades. Originally released within the Commodore CBM-II, 64, and 128 series of computers, this little c

Commodore jumps into the tiny laptop melee – hell yes

It seems that tucked away in the folds of IFA, there is a tiny laptop taking the ancient Commodore family name. Some enterprising Norwegians wrote it up, and included in the post what appears to be th

Study finds that two out of three of Commodore's gaming PCs are tastefully designed

I’m not usually a fan of custom-painted cases — too often they are some Night Elf chick showing cleavage or else something like an eagle clutching a flag, and they all look like velvet paintin

William Shatner on the VIC-20

[youtube] Just because. via Consumerist

Commodore Gravel C200 Details Revealed

Commodore is making a strong comeback, albeit under the guise of just the name, into the PC market and they’re also making their presence known in the PMP market. The C200 is the latest to join the

Commodore Gaming PCs Unveiled

We told you about Commodore coming back to the gaming world last week and now we’ve got some specs for you. They were just announced at CeBIT and they’re hot. The first thing you’ll notice are t

Commodore To Return As a Gaming PC Company

I’m sure about five to seven of you will get excited over the news of Commodore returning to the market, but don’t get your hopes up just yet. Commodore is repositioning themselves as a ga

Gravel In Pocket?

With what might be the worst product name ever, Commodore will demonstrate tomorrow at IFA its new personal media player the Gravel In Pocket. Despite its unfortunate naming, this PMP seems to be a re