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  • The Commodore 64 Is 30 Years Old

    The Commodore 64 Is 30 Years Old

    It’s been a long time since I clacked away on a C64 but I remember that hunk of pure computing power like it was yesterday. The keyboard (complete with dingbats on the front surface), the power light that glowed like a monocular rat eye, the lines of dust that formed in the 80s-era case. It was a simpler time. The Commodore 64 is 30 years old this week, appearing at CES in 1982 and ending… Read More

  • Remember When: Your Commodore 64 Was A Satellite Descrambler?

    Back in the old days, in Europe, TV selection was pretty limited. When they started offering satellite, you had a few free channels and a few paid channels but enterprising hackers figured out how to decode all of the channels using a breakout cart and the C64’s super processor. The resulting solution cost about $120 way back when and saved a bunch of Euro-hackers quite a bit of money. Read More

  • Modernized Commodore 64 PC Will Confuse Co-Workers

    Commodore USA is now taking pre-orders for their modernized Commodore 64 keyboard PC; shipping dates are expected in mid-May or June. The base model comes with a 1.8 GHz Dual Core Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM, the Ultimate version gets 4GB of RAM with built-in WiFi and Blu-ray. While these aren’t the greatest for playing the latest games, it would be cool to own one and judge… Read More

  • Ben Heckendorn finishes second version of C64 laptop, will be auctioned for charity

    Modder extraordinaire, Ben Heckendorn has just finished version 2 of his Commodore 64 laptop. This one will be auctioned for charity and features an SD card reader for loading up various software (games!). Read More

  • I got my first real Screechophone/bought it at the five and dime
    Larry Cotton’s Screechophone from Mark Frauenfelder on Vimeo. The Screechophone uses the “playing card in the spokes of a bicycle” effect to play certain frequencies. This particular device was built and destroyed in a… Read More

  • Expo attendees try out multiplayer Commodore 64 game

    At the third annual C4 Expo hosted by the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club, the last weekend in June by at the Drawbridge Inn in Fort Mitchell, KY, eight lucky players got the chance to try out the new multiplayer C64 racing game NetRacer. Users networked 8 Commodore 64s together for head to head racing. The game reportedly supports joystick controls and features sound effects and… Read More

  • Programming Rocks!

    Feeling nostalgic for the simpler days of programming? Well apparently Kim Moser is. Moser has amassed a large collection of Commodore PET and Commodore 64 programs, which he’s dutifully transferring into video clips for YouTube-ians everywhere to take a gander. This, for example, was a program created to scare small children into thinking pumpkins can sing. No, I kid. It’s… Read More