TiVo releases seriously flawed Super Bowl ad data

Something is wrong here. TiVo grabs data from how many times the pause and rewind buttons are pressed during the Super Bowl and makes the most frequently shifted ads the “top ten” ads. If

Video: 'Get a Mac,' now referee-approved

Here’s Apple’s latest “Get a Mac” ad, which comes only a few weeks after its Christmas-themed one. This one uses sports to parlay the fact that the Wall Street Journal called L

Sony's ad for Gran Turismo 5 is refreshingly easy to follow

Skateboard Pete[r Ha] (yes, a delicious take-off of Pharrell’s nickname) is notorious for his hatred of recent TV adverts, but I don’t see how he could hate this one for Gran Turismo 5. It

Slingbox ads on the way?

If you’re a Slingbox owner who happens to be of the opinion that there just aren’t enough ads on television already, you are weird. You also might be seeing even more ads if Sling Media pu

English kid's iPod Touch ad idea purchased by Apple

Oh man. Nick Haley grabbed some clips from Apple’s website, mixed in some sexy-time music, and got an e-mail from Apple saying "we’ve seen what you have produced and we’d like a

iPhone better than ground control, National Weather Service

Readers at FlyerTalk are outraged at the new iPhone commercial featuring a pilot who uses his iPhone to check the weather and inform the control tower that things were clearing up and he should be abl

AT&T iPhone ads confuse, dismay us

You know how it is when you wake up after having a barbecue at your place and you still feel drunk and your ears are ringing and you’re feeling pretty good — not too hung over, maybe an eg Will Go Out Of Business Because Of This

As Deleon and I waited for Entourage to come on last night, this commercial for popped on during some channel surfing. There were five of us in the room and for a total of 30-seconds, we all s

TiVo's Ratings Service Might Help Bury Bad Commercials

TiVo is introducing an interesting twist to the television-ratings game with a new service called Stop||Watch. Basically, the commercials that get watched and rewound the most win out over the commerc

Nicole Kidman Hawking A DS

Spotted on Perez earlier today, Nicole Kidman is indeed doing a Nintendo DS commercial. Not only is she a terrible actress in this commercial, but the whole thing doesn’t even have an ounce of h

Super Bowl XLI Commercial Coverage

. Hickey is sitting at the 30 yard line of the Big Game at our favorite watering hole in Seattle, the Twilight Exit. And I’m sitting in my room staring blankly at the television from bed with my

Did You Know Apple Makes The “Most Advanced Personal Computers In The World”?

Because apparently Kevin Costner did when he chose to do this stupid commercial. It’s funny to reflect back at commercials from tech companies that try to appeal so softly to others. Listen to that

Windows Vista Gets First TV Spot

What is it with companies making bad commercials lately? Here comes another one, this time courtesy of Redmond. It’s the new Vista TV spot. Notice that it doesn’t actually contribute anyth

Samsung Enlists Beethoven to Sell Q1 UMPCs

Well they’re calling him Sam, but I know Beethoven when I see him. And no I’m not saying all St. Bernards look alike. Anyway, here is the commercial for Samsung’s Q1 UMPC. Intriguing

Sony Starts Interactive Commercials

With all the ad-skipping PVRs out there, Sony has decided to start making interactive commercials for viewers who own PVRs. The commercial is actually for Sony’s Bravia televisions and offers vi