command and conquer

  • EA giving away free copies of classic Command & Conquer games

    We’re huge fans of Command & Conquer here at CrunchGear, and we just got a great tip sent in. EA is giving away away free downloads of some of the great classic C&C games that made the franchise such a long standing favorite. This is most likely to draw attention to the upcoming release of C&C 4: Tiberian Twilight, (which I’ve been playing in beta, and it’s a… Read More

  • First Command & Conquer 4 screenshot appear

    Have you been following the C&C4 news the last few days? Well, news that the title was under development “leaked” onto Twitter, which was followed up a few hours later by an official announcement from EA. But that stuff really isn’t news. Most could have guess that EA was working on another game in the never ending saga between the Global Defense Initiative and the… Read More

  • Red Alert 3 producer has this crazy scheme to combat piracy: make compelling games

    Say you’re the developer of a hit PC game franchise, like, maybe, Command and Conquer? How do you go about combating piracy, which, let’s be honest for a moment, isn’t likely to go away any time soon? (There will always teenagers with no money but a fast Internet connection, waiting to download the latest game at the drop of a hat.) Rather than wrap your game in layer after… Read More

  • Four Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 viral marketing videos

    Four random Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 videos popped up on YouTube that just reek of viral. They implore you, and your sack (1st video), as their loyal solder, to focus and pay attention to the happenings here on earth and not to dream of fighting in space. What’s that you say? Starcraft 2? Yup, C&C is calling out the upcoming Starcraft 2. 3 more videos after the… Read More

  • Presenting your C&C Red Alert 3 cast

    Command and Conquer set the de-facto standard for video game cinematography long ago, and the upcoming release isn’t going to disappoint. There is a former Playmate, a UFC Heavywieght champion, and even Star Trek’s Sulu.  No word on who is going to play what charecter with the expection of Ms. McCarthy. She has been cast as the always popular, but also deadly, Tanya.  The… Read More