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EA giving away free copies of classic Command & Conquer games

<img src="" />We're huge fans of Command & Conquer here at CrunchGear, and we just got a great tip sent in. EA is giving away a

First Command & Conquer 4 screenshot appear

Have you been following the C&C4 news the last few days? Well, news that the title was under development “leaked” onto Twitter, which was followed up a few hours later by an official a

Red Alert 3 producer has this crazy scheme to combat piracy: make compelling games

Say you’re the developer of a hit PC game franchise, like, maybe, Command and Conquer? How do you go about combating piracy, which, let’s be honest for a moment, isn’t likely to go a

Four Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 viral marketing videos

[youtube=] Four random Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 videos popped up on YouTube that just reek of viral. They implore you, and y

Presenting your C&C Red Alert 3 cast

Command and Conquer set the de-facto standard for video game cinematography long ago, and the upcoming release isn’t going to disappoint. There is a former Playmate, a UFC Heavywieght champion,