Comixology vets return with their own publishing company

Comixology was genuinely a gamechanger. Before the platform came along, I knew very few people who had ever read a comic on a phone or tablet. There was entirely too much friction in the process to pr

ComiXology launches original comics with Adventure Time spin-off

Amazon’s ComiXology is delivering on the promise it made last year to create original content exclusively for users of its platform and Kindle customers, with Adventure┬áTime Marshall Lee Specta

Comixology CEO shows off new Unlimited subscription service

Comixology recently launched Comixology Unlimited, a subscription plan that offers unlimited access to thousands of digital comics for just $5.99 per month. Given the “all you can read” mo

Amazon Guts The ComiXology App With Removal Of In-App Purchases, Users Not Happy

Amazon has begun the Amazonification of recent acquisition ComiXology, by killing in-app purchases within the popular “Comics” by ComiXology app. This required the actual removal of the or

With Comixology, Amazon Acquires A Piece Of The Comic-Based Media Empire

Amazon has purchased Comixology, and that’s a huge deal, because it means the largest bookseller in the world now owns the company that brought digital comics distribution to the masses, and ess

ComiXology Discovers Security Breach, Says Payment And Password Info Is Secure But Requires Reset

Digital comics storefront ComiXology has discovered a wide-reaching security breach during a security review and upgrade, and is requiring that all account holders reset their passwords, according to

ComiXology Reverses Ban On The Latest Issue Of Saga, Says Apple Isn’t To Blame

<a target="_blank" href="">ComiXology</a> just <a target="_blank" href="">published a blog post</a> discussing

ComiXology Announces 65M Downloads, Inks Exclusive Multi-year Deal With Marvel To Distribute Digital Comics

Comics on the iPad. A match made in nerd heaven, right? Well, today it gets even better with the announcement that ComiXology and Marvel Entertainment have entered into a multi-year deal that sees

ComiXology Brings A Flashy Comics Reader To The Web

<img src=""> With the advent of the iPad, the digital age of comics may finally be blossoming. The iPad as a reading device works best w