• Nvidia's Processor Roadmap Is A Gift To Geeks

    Kal-El, the quad-core megachip that Nvidia plans to come after Tegra 2, is exciting enough news, but what about the rest of the roadmap? Usually these charts reflect some internal logic and naming system, but stuff like Nehalem, Bulldozer, and Skulltrail are hard for the average geek to really relate to. Nvidia’s putting an end to that, in style. Read More

  • BAM! POW! DC releases comics app for iPad, PSP

    Not content to let Marvel have all the fun, DC Comics just released their iPad and Sony PSP apps. The apps allow for in-app comic purchase and download. Comics will cost $1 to $3 per issue. Read More

  • Amazon stops selling graphic novels completely after huge sale glitch

    Were you one of the lucky few to score a graphic novel at an insanely low price thanks to Amazon’s pricing glitch last week? (If so, I kinda hate you, because I didn’t.) Well, enjoy it, because Amazon has stopped selling most graphic novels altogether while the problem continues to be sorted out. Read More

  • Let your geek flag fly with official Xmen TVs

    Word has come down that Marvel has licensed some of their characters to TV builder RTC23. No, I’ve never heard of them either, but apparently someone has since they are now producing the official “ultimate comic book fan” television. Read More

  • Penny Arcade tackles piracy

    Those wacky Penny Arcade guys! Always writing something intelligent about issues that force most gamers to resort to name-calling and cursing! Read More

  • Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson gives a rare interview

    Most of you are probably at least familiar with Calvin and Hobbes, while many of us in our thirties (and up) remember reading the popular comic strip religiously. Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson has generally lived a pretty private life but he recently did an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, his hometown newspaper. Read More

  • Infighting said to mar production of Spider-Man 4 movie. Good.

    We all know that the Spider-Man movies peaked with the very first one, before it devolved into tweenish melodrama. So I have zero expectation that Spider Man 4 will even be worth the CAM download. Now this? We’ll have to go into integers to understand how little faith I have in it being worth a damn. Word is that director Sam Raimi is butting heads with Sony execs over who should be… Read More

  • Comics about video blogs. Dr. Horrible hits shelves today.

    Comic books seem to be quite the staple in the Whedonverse bag of tricks. Buffy comes to an end? Comic books. Firefly gets cancelled? Serenity just isn’t enough? Comic books. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is done? Bam. Comic Books. Today is no exception, as the prequel to Dr. Horrible went on sale in full-color glory. Read More

  • 1.2 million euros for Aquafadas and its digital comic solutions Ave!Comics

    [France] The list of French tech firms that have raised over €1 million in 2009 that we published last week is already obsolete, and that’s great! French company Aquafadas have announced that they’ve raised 1.2 million euros with Credit Agricole Private Equity and Soridec. Read More

  • Marvel releases Spider-Woman motion comic trailer Just wanted to share this in case you haven’t seen it. Marvel Motion Comics Read More

  • Captain America returns!

    Everyone’s favorite gadget, Captain America, was killed off by Marvel two years ago (seems like it was just yesterday!), and is now returning to life, just as I said he would when Captain America #25 came out. Captain America is one of my heroes (along with David Attenborough and Indiana Jones), so I’m glad to see him back. Read More

  • Our SXSW experience, in comic form Howdy, y’all. John and I are still at SXSW, taking in all the sights and sounds. One of the cooler companies here is Pixton, a site that lets you easily create comic strips. As a budding artist, I appreciate the site quite a bit. This comic, hopefully the first of many, pretty much summarizes our experience thus far. (I’m the funky guy, John is the chef… Read More

  • MK vs DC dated for NA, Europe

    I still don’t understand this mishmash between the gaming world and comic book world, but I guess someone had to do it. Midway has just announced that Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe will hit store shelves in North America on the 16th of November with a European launch on the 21st. I guess the John Tobias sketched DC Comic chronicling the events leading up to this historic event might be… Read More

  • Mario's Mistake

    ROFL. You may or may not have seen this, but I just came across it and thought it was worth sharing. via Geekadelphia Read More

  • The Joy of Tech explains how iTunes Genius works, kinda

    The Joy of Tech presents, How the iTunes Genius Really works… Cute, I guess. Then again, my sense of humor is so warped that what makes the average geek laugh may not have the same effect on me. What I would like to see is a proper, investigative piece into how Genius works. Apparently Apple isn’t too forthcoming on the ins and outs of it, so we may just have to accept the Joy… Read More

  • Move over Halle Barry, here comes…Cher? [Update]

    That’s right. Christopher Nolan wants 62-year-old Cher to play Catwoman in “The Caped Crusader”, which begins filming in Vancouver next year. I really wish they would recast for the Riddler. I like Johnny Depp, but I think David Tennant would be so much better. Also worth noting is this blurb from a studio exec. “Cher is Nolan’s first choice to play Catwoman. He… Read More

  • Anti-piracy comics (fail to) show the sad, short life of a file-sharer

    The National Center for State Courts, a non-profit dedicated to “Helping Courts Anticipate Change and Better Serve the Public” has released a comic book that aimed at educating children on how the courts work by ripping a case right out of the headlines: piracy! Sadly, the tale is so fantastical – most cases end up in Civil court, not State, and are rarely tried with a… Read More

  • Eidos, WB confirm Batman game, Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Today, WB and Eidos announced Batman: Arkham Asylum for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. We sort of already knew there was one coming thanks to Gary Oldman, but now it’s official. Based on the “Dark Knight” storyline, based on conjecture, you will assume the role of Batman and you’re task is to deliver the Joker into the Narrows where the imprisoned swine… Read More

  • Video: X-men Origins: Wolverine trailer [Updated with new video]

    <div class="center"[ Fret not, comic book nerds, for we have downloaded this video just in case it gets pulled. I haven’t watched it because I’m putting a moratorium on all comic book related movie trailers going forward, but feel free to let us know what you think. Read More

  • Geek-out: Watchmen trailer and Star Trek cast photos

    Fanboys, start your whingeings! First, Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue has a few large shots of some of the primary characters from the upcoming Star Trek movie. They go together to form this composite image; looks pretty cool except for the tattoos on the Romulan Nero. Could they make them any more tribal and generic? Secondly, the trailer for our beloved Watchmen is live. Read More