Watch Thanos explain his simple plan in new ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ trailer

The new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is here, and it gives us a look at Thanos with a helmet on, and provides some signet into what he hopes to accomplish by invading Earth (kill half the people

Graphic India raises $5M to build a Marvel-like digital comic brand for India

It’s been some time since we wrote about Graphic India, a new media startup that believes India should have its own home-grown answer to cartoon empires like Marvel. The 30-person company been b

Romain-Jerome builds a Batman watch that tells you your time is up, bat

Watchmaker Romain-Jerome has announced a new Batman-themed watch that looks like something Bruce Wayne would wear to the club. The watch, which is based on R-J’s Skylab design, features a meticu

Original Content podcast: Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ looks like an all-around good time

[protected-iframe id=”a7fcc629335cd7a1576ab4a989e77b97-24588526-5302483″ info=”” width=”100%” height=”330px&#8221

Netflix’s first Mark Millar project is a comic called ‘The Magic Order’

Netflix is launching its first project with Wanted creator Mark Millar, since acquiring Millarworld, the publishing company he owns and operates with Lucy Millar. The plan is to develop TV, films and

A list of everything Magic Leap has released so far

Things released by Magic Leap, a company which has raised $1.4B from investors, to date: A patent for some chill looking glasses Rumors of a new $500M funding round A set of demo videos shot “di

Celebrating Jack Kirby, the King of Comics, at 100

“Smashing thru,” the caption reads, “Captain America came face to face with Hitler … ” The 10-cent book appeared on store shelves a full year before Pearl Harbor officially woke the sle

Don’t turn comics publishers into IP factories

This past week’s news that Netflix would purchase independent comics publisher Millarworld is hardly an outlier. It echoes larger moves made by Warner Brothers and Disney, when they purchased the tw

LingoZING is trying to teach new languages through comics pages

I’m willing to try pretty much anything at this point, when it comes to learning another language. I took years worth of language classes, downloaded all the latest apps and even bought a Muzzy tape

‘Captain America: Civil War’ mostly ignores the real world, and it’s all the better for it

I'll be honest: I was kind of nervous about this one. In the run-up to this weekend's release of Captain America: Civil War, I'd seen some fond recollections of the decade-old comic book (written b

Google Improves Comic Book Reading Experience In Play Books For Android

Google today launched an upgrade to its Google Play Books store for Android that will make it easier to read comics on your phone and tablet. The company also today introduced personalized comic recom

Indie E-Book Printer Blurb Acquihires Graphicly, Comic E-Publishing Platform Shutting Down

As the ongoing dispute between Amazon and Hachette sees the huge online retailer continue to block and/or delay sales of some of the publisher’s books, two smaller startups in the industry

Amazon Guts The ComiXology App With Removal Of In-App Purchases, Users Not Happy

Amazon has begun the Amazonification of recent acquisition ComiXology, by killing in-app purchases within the popular “Comics” by ComiXology app. This required the actual removal of the or

Gritty Superhero Detective Comic ‘Powers’ Is PlayStation Network’s First Original TV Show

What happens when superheroes either commit or are the victims of violent crime? That’s the question Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming set out to answer with Powers, their original co

Bitstrips Confirms $3M Series A From Horizons, Sees 30M Avatars Created In Two Months

The old thought experiment asks: If you could travel back in time to prevent someone's birth who would be capable of great evil, would you do it? Admittedly, sometimes while browsing Facebook I wrestl

Marvel Unlimited Is A Severely Limited Subscription Comics Service For iOS

The only thing I want in this world is an all-you-can-read monthly comic subscription service, which I can use on the iPad. Which is why Marvel launching Marvel Unlimited on iOS seemed like a dream co

Gift Guide: Graphic Novels Worth Buying In Print

Sometimes it's nice to share a good book, and if you know me then you know that <a href="">most of the books I'm buying</a> are comics and graph

Amazon Tries Its Hand At More Original (And Crowdsourced) Content With Blackburn Burrow Digital Comic

<a target="_blank" href="">Amazon</a>, like its competitor <a target="_blank" href="">Netflix</a>, has been making some moves

Q&A With Bill Amend, Creator Of FoxTrot (And Certified Geek)

As we <a HREF="">noted yesterday</a>, cartoonist Bill Amend has released three sets of his popular Foxtrot

Graphicly Opens Publishing Platform To Everyone, Looks Beyond Comics

After a month long trial period, startup <a href="">Graphicly</a> is throwing the doors open to its digital publishing platform. Since incubating at TechStars in 2009, Graph
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