CrunchDeals: Sega's Columns free to all iPhone owners this weekend

In honor of the fourth, Sega is bestowing upon all iPhone and iPod Touch owners a free copy of Columns all weekend. That’s great and all, but at the moment it’s nowhere to be found. And it’ll pr

Unreasonable Stance: GTA IV isn't violent enough

Welcome to the Unreasonable Stance, where our own John Biggs takes the minority opinion on a tech matter and defends it with convenient data, spun numbers, fanboyism, and insults until he proves, with

The Unreasonable Stance: HD DVD will be triumphant

[photopress:hddvdwins.jpg,full,center] Welcome to the Unreasonable Stance, where our own Devin takes the minority opinion on a tech matter and defends it with convenient data, spun numbers, fanboyism,

The Unreasonable Stance: Nostalgia aside, Pac-Man still beats Halo in every category

I don’t know why people even bother with Halo when all it’s done is rip off Pac-Man. Furthermore, even though Pac-Man predates Bungie’s lauded trilogy by more than two decades, it st

Nostalgic Upgrade: A Look at Phones From My Past

So here we are, entering the fall of another year. This is the time, traditionally, when we prepare our brains to be assaulted by hundreds of ads for electronics (as well as less important stuff) that

Omelette 1.0 – The First Apple TV Game

Now that the Apple TV has been out for some time and people have, ah, had their way with it, games are now starting to pop up. Omelette 1.0 is one of the first games to hit the web and it looks pretty

The AudioFile: Windows Vista In Your Ear

Windows Vista Intimate Edition fits in many orifices. Amid the Windows Vista hooplah this week, I wondered whether it will make a difference to my ears—I mean, besides having to hear Robert Fripp ev

The Futurist: Reading The Apple Tea Leaves or… What the iPhone Tells Us About The Future

From my absentee perch, the best I can gather is that CES this year seems a bit… underwhelming, shall we say? Chock-full of evolutions, this year´s gala seems notably free of true revolutions.

The AudioFile: Here’s Sibling Rivalry In Your “i”


The Futurist: MacWorld's-A-Comin' or… The Perfect Musicphone

MacWorld is just around the corner, and with it endless speculation that 2007 will not only be the year Apple finally throws its hat into the mobile phone ring, but also the year that the promise of a

The Futurist: That Most Wonderful Time of the Year or… A First Look at the 2007 CES

In this very special episode of The Futurist, we take a myopic look into the future. Three weeks into the future, that is, to a land called Las Vegas and an event called CES — the annual tech or

Name That Chiptune: The Growing Niche of 8-bit Music

Audio has been moving steadily toward higher fidelity and resolution as components become cheaper and more advanced. If it ain’t 24-bit and 192kHz, many people simply aren’t interested. But this w

The Futurist: GPS, Satellites, and the Future of CE Innovation

You may have seen the Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium around. It’s a handheld gadget that, when pointed at the night sky, instantly directs you to or identifies any star, planet, or cons