Acquisition, retention, expansion: Why SaaS founders must understand GDR and NDR

It’s become increasingly difficult to sign new SaaS customers unless they can demonstrate high and measurable ROI with rapid time to value.

Ask Sophie: Will I be allowed into the US if my passport expires in 5 months?

I’m planning to stay in the U.S. for a couple of months, but I just realized that my passport expires in September. Should I delay my trip?

3 questions CISOs expect you to answer during a security pitch

Based on our experience, these are the important questions we see smart security founders answering in their pitches.

How to run efficient and effective early-stage board meetings

These slides are from seed and Series A stage companies that did a great job of informing their boards and driving constructive discussions.

Automation helps founders avoid the basis point yield trap

Now that you have reached competitive yield rates, spending valuable time trying to squeeze out additional value is a mistake.

Your site needs more than just one user onboarding experience

I’ll describe the type of data needed to make onboarding unique and will share some examples of how I’ve implemented this myself.

‘Buy American’ shouldn’t block our progress toward ‘Internet for All’

The Biden administration should guard against the unintended consequences of the “Buy American” ideal and keep its eye on the prize.

How we used data-driven personas to radically improve the customer experience

Personas persist throughout the entire customer lifecycle and are more than just a way to segment customer types; it's a DNA marker.

Capital efficiency is the new VC filter for startups

Capital efficiency remains a blind spot for most founders, who rely on a single metric to draw conclusions.

Ask Sophie: My STEM OPT expires in 30 days, what are my options?

My STEM OPT expires in a month, and my company did not register me in this year’s H-1B lottery. I’m not sure what options I have now. Help!

Precision fermentation’s capacity craze: Have we lost the plot?

To get the economics right for large-volume commodity food products, the precision fermentation industry should focus in on a few areas.

10 years of fintech failure: 3 more ideas that failed to live up to the initial hype

These innovations rolled out with hype and momentum, but they ultimately failed to change the way the average person manages their money.

4 problems venture capital can’t solve

Sometimes, it's good to ask yourself if you're raising capital in anticipation of pain that may never materialize.

Ask Sophie: Can I launch a startup if I’m in the US on a student visa?

One day, my dream would be to create my own startup in the U.S. Is there any groundwork I am allowed to lay to make my dream come true?

Software investors must (re)learn these 3 ideas before getting into deep tech

Traditional VCs are still stuck with their now low-margin businesses, unable to move forward and invest in the next big thing: deep tech.

SaaS retention benchmarks: How does your business stack up?

High retention indicates strong product-market fit. It is proof that you are solving a real problem and are adding value to your customers.

Investors prefer debt over equity (but not venture debt)

Capital markets are changing, which means financing options for companies are changing as well.

3 ways to step up your short-form video and TikTok growth strategy

The fact that influencers are shifting their strategies to shorter-form content is a clear signal for startups to follow suit.

4 SaaS engagement metrics that attract investors

To find customer retention data points that have strong investor appeal, start studying these engagement stats from your existing customers.

Track the right metrics to improve your developers’ work experience

Here are the steps any tech company can take to better understand and improve their developers’ experience.
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