ZURB Acquires Design Community Forrst From Colourlovers

Product design company ZURB just announced that it has acquired Forrst, the 500startups alumni Colourlovers acquired for an undisclosed amount in March 2012. Forrst aims to be a design community for

Creative Market Nabs $1.3M From SV Angel, CrunchFund To Become An Etsy For Digital Design

Earlier this year, <a target="_blank" href="">ColourLovers</a> founders Aaron Epstein, Chris Williams and Darius A Monsef IV (a.k.a. Bubs) launched <a target="_blank" href=

Design Community Colourlovers Acquires Forrst

The <a href="">500 Startups-backed</a> dev and design community <a href="">Forrst</a> has been acquired by <a href="http://ww

COLOURlovers Raises $1 Million To Make Everyone An Artist

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />If you have even the slightest hint of a creative streak, you may be interested in <a href="http://www.col

Make Your #NewTwitter Background Pretty With Themeleon

<img src=""><a href="">Y Combinator</a>-backed design startup <a href="">

Colourlovers Mixes With ColorSchemer, Added To Twitter's Design Palette

<img src="" class="shot2">Design startup <a href="">,</a> which is a creative community for colo

COLOURlovers: For People Who Like Color

Keeping with this week’s theme of niche social networking sites comes COLOURlovers, a design inspiration and information site focused on color. COLOURlovers is a resource that monitors color tre