The Vigor Colossus desktop powerhouse PC: it's as manly as it sounds

Those of us in the prestigious pro blogging field could probably get by with a Newton for all the processing power we use (or even a MacBook Air in a pinch), but not everyone is so modest in their nee

Vigor's Colossus PC runs everything, costs eight grand

Are you filthy rich and don’t get out much? Then this is the PC for you. I put together my own PC for a little less than a thousand and it runs everything decently (yes, Crysis), but if you&#821

Amatuer programmer breaks German code faster than dedicated Colossus machine

Wiki image, dontcha know? Surely you’ve heard of the German Enigma machine and the Allied efforts to crack it during World War II. Well researchers, using a rebuilt Colossus machine (yup, that&#