How Bongo, the ‘Netflix of Bangladesh,’ won the local video streaming market with just $10M

Thousands of miles away from the U.S., where technology giants, cable networks, and studios are locked in an intense multi-billion dollar battle to court users to their video streaming services, a sta

New Google tool helps developers pick the right colors for their apps

With its Material Design guidelines, Google set out to create a unified set of ideas for how it wants developers to think about all the different aspects of their applications’ design, ranging f

Twitter Now Lets You Know When You’ve Typed Something Clickable Or Went Over The Character Limit

Here’s a nifty little addition to Twitter’s website. When you start composing your tweet, the text will change colors when you’ve added something clickable, like a username or URL. T

Creative Market Nabs $1.3M From SV Angel, CrunchFund To Become An Etsy For Digital Design

Earlier this year, <a target="_blank" href="">ColourLovers</a> founders Aaron Epstein, Chris Williams and Darius A Monsef IV (a.k.a. Bubs) launched <a target="_blank" href=

Japan-only: Nintendo offers 3 new colors for the DSi

<img src="" /> <a href="">Nintendo today in Japan announced thre

Yes, Virginia, there is a red Xbox 360 on the way

<img src="" />Rumor smashed! Wait, no, the other one... confirmed. Sorry! Anyhow, Microsoft has inadvertently (?) revealed the existen

Sony adds four new and shiny colors to the PSP lineup (in Japan)

<img src="" /> Sony Japan <a href="">today announced the "Carnival Colors"

CloudBook to be upgraded in short order: SSD, touchscreens, colors!

[photopress:girlycloudbook.jpg,full,center] I knew it. I told you people, and nobody wanted to listen. I said that the next great tech battleground would be in tiny, ultra-portable PCs and everyone la

Cobalt Blue Nintendo DS officially announced: It's a fashion statement

[photopress:dsbluereal.jpg,full,center] That Cobalt Blue Nintendo DS? Yeah, she’s real. To be released on Feb. 10, the portable system “grabs your attention” with its fancy new paint

Verizon's Venus: Now in pink

Remember when Peter said a couple weeks ago that the Venus from Verizon wasn’t just a shiny accessory for women? Apparently it’s supposed to be, as Verizon today has released a pink versio

Colorful Asus Eee models due early next year

The tiny Asus Eee will be available in multiple colors early next year, according to Jenn over at (who is very nice, by the way). It’s thought that these color options will be av

Portable Western Digital hard drives now come in four super fantastic colors

Do you care what color your portable hard drive is? Surely some of you do, since Western Digital now has its WD Passport Portable in four mind-blowing colors: vibrant green, glossy black, glossy white

Rumor: iPod Nano Gets Redesign, New Colors

Well, it’s been 11 months since we’ve seen a new nano and there’s a bit of news, albeit from the rumor mill, about the new nano that is set to drop some time before the end of the ye

Toshiba Gigabeat U103: 24 Colors, Oh My

I can’t imagine needing 24 different colors for a simple DAP, but apparently Toshiba thinks otherwise. Its Gigabeat U103, which comes out today in some place called Japan, is more or less the sa

WWDC Banners Reveal Secrets

Some crafty photographer over at Roughly Drafted managed to get some key shots inside the WWDC conference before it’s even started. Inside, there are some banners that say “Welcome to WWDC

Really Hot New DS Lite Colors: Metallic Rose and Glossy Silver

Nintendo of Japan will release Metallic Rose and Glossy Silver DS Lites on June 23. That makes seven colors that you can find the DS Lite in over there. I was a dope and bought the white one when it f

Watermelon Zune Spotted

At a “recent press event”, a photographer managed to snap some pictures of the rumored watermelon-colored Zune. While a new colored Zune is about exciting as Bran Oats coming out in an exc

Spice Up That iPod With New Font Colors

Owners of video iPods are blessed and there is no doubt about that. They get video while the rest of us mope around the streets just listening to music. Today is no different because those owners that

Blackberry 8120 To Replace The Pearl

Check out the Technicolor rainbow above. What you see could very well be the successor to the popular Blackberry Pearl. BGR received a reliable tip that the 8120 is to replace the Pearl this summer as

Colored Dumbbells Said to Make Exercising More Design Friendly

Thinking that exercise equipment is often too spartan, Alex Undall has drawn up some concept art for future gear that looks like what Luke would use to work out his new electric hand. Here he’s
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