• Sequoia’s Doug Leone: We Are ‘Thrilled’ To Be Investors In Color, ‘Stay Tuned’ For The Pivot

    Sequoia’s Doug Leone: We Are ‘Thrilled’ To Be Investors In Color, ‘Stay Tuned’ For The Pivot

    It’s no secret that there’s been a major amount of controversy surrounding Color, the photo sharing app that launched earlier this year with $41 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital, and Silicon Valley Bank (Sequoia apparently put $25 million in). Color’s debut was one of the most-hyped launches the tech world has seen over the past year, and since then… Read More

  • Blue For Facebook Sure Looks Like Color’s Next Hue

    Blue For Facebook Sure Looks Like Color’s Next Hue

    Sometimes the need to test outweighs the need for total secrecy. I’m going to assume Color CEO Bill Nguyen shares that belief. The past two days his Facebook stream has been filled with some seemingly bland pictures. But they’re not bland — they’re test pictures. And they’re sent from a new app called “Blue”. I don’t know much about the app… Read More

  • With Google, There Will Be Bad Blood

    With Google, There Will Be Bad Blood

    “I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed.” I’m reminded of Daniel Plainview’s admission in There Will Be Blood when thinking about Google. While the company is still largely beloved by the public, sentiment seems to have turned against them amongst their peers, and even amongst many of the startups around Silicon Valley. While these tensions have… Read More

  • Out Of The Blue, Instacolor Forced To Change Name By The “True” Color

    Out Of The Blue, Instacolor Forced To Change Name By The “True” Color

    Something of a black comedy involving white hot startup Color and still-green-behind-the-ears Instacolor. Red in the face, the developer behind the latter app, which combines the key functions of Instagram and Color, was forced to change its name to Instalook after the Color folks developed a gray mood about the Instacolor name. Color’s lawyers earlier this week sent a cease & desist… Read More

  • Google Tried To Buy Color For $200 Million. Color Said No.

    Google Tried To Buy Color For $200 Million. Color Said No.

    If that headline looks familiar to you, you’re probably remembering our story about Google offering to buy Path for $100+ million from earlier this year. Path turned that deal down. About the same time, multiple sources have confirmed, Google was also making a run for Color, the mobile social network founded by Bill Nguyen. This was well before Color launched, and Google was looking at… Read More

  • Instagram + Color = Instacolor

    If photo sharing apps Instagram and Color would mate and have a baby, it would likely look something like the Instacolor app made by tinkerer Rakshith Krishnappa. Basically, the app aims to help Instragram users discover other users in their neighborhood, and lets you view photos posted by people around you in real time. The app can be downloaded from the App Store now and costs $0.99. Read More

  • Fly or Die on Color: The Ishtar of IPhone Apps

    Fly Or Die: How Color Became The Ishtar Of iPhone Apps

    Ever since Color launched its photo sharing app, the $41 million startup has been having a rough time. John Biggs and I reviewed it on Fly or Die back in March, when CEO Bill Nguyen joined us to defend the app ( you can watch that episode below, we both gave it a “die”). The company continues to struggle, so we decided to revisit our assessment in the new episode… Read More

  • Color Me Badd

    Color Me Badd

    Come inside, take off your coat
    I’ll make you feel at home
    Now let’s pour a glass of wine
    ‘Cause now we’re all alone. The opening lines of Color Me Badd’s seminal “I Wanna Sex You Up” sort of perfectly encapsulates Color — the company/photo-sharing app, not the band. After one of the most-hyped launches in recent memory, it was supposed to be the… Read More

  • What Photo Sharing App Should You Use?

    Well who isn’t building a photo sharing app these days? At this point I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Google came out with its elaborately named attempt like tomorrow. But seriously, with such a glut in the mobile photo sharing market, it’s pretty hard to choose a vehicle with which to share your precious terrible photos. Never fear dear readers! Internet… Read More

  • Behold: Facebook’s Secret Photo Sharing App

    Behold: Facebook’s Secret Photo Sharing App

    Last night, something very interesting came our way. Something massive — documents and images outlining what appears to be a new Facebook iPhone app built around photo sharing. We teased what we had with a single image last night. Now, as promised, here’s the rest. A few notes: the images we have suggest that while polished, this still may be a work in progress. It’s clear… Read More

  • Colorfly's "Audiophile-Quality" Audio Player Is Made Of Wood

    I love audiophiles. They spend $20,000 on a high end speaker system with zero flibber and low Db to THD levels (at least that’s what it sounds like they’re telling you) and then they slap on a gold remaster of a Macy Gray album and say “Can you hear the gravel in her voice?” It’s like buying a Ferrari just to slip Frankie Goes To Hollywood into the CD player and… Read More

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