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A look at some of the AI and ML expert speakers at the iMerit ML DataOps Summit

Calling all data devotees, machine-learning mavens and arbiters of AI. Clear your calendar to make room for the iMerit ML DataOps Summit on December 2, 2021. Join and engage with AI and ML leaders fro

Exploring The “Labs” Trend in Consumer Startups

For those of us who studied (or suffered through) chemistry at some point in life, images from the chem lab inspire nostalgia (or dread). White lab coats. Protective goggles and gloves. Glass beakers

Blue For Facebook Sure Looks Like Color’s Next Hue

Sometimes the need to test outweighs the need for total secrecy. I'm going to assume <a href="">Color</a> CEO <a href="">Bill Nguyen</a

Color Labs Chief Product Officer DJ Patil Resigns

<a href="">Color Labs</a> Chief Product Officer <a href="">DJ Patil</a> will soon be leaving the company as a full time employee, we've co

Fly Or Die: How Color Became The Ishtar Of iPhone Apps

<img src="" /> Ever since <a href="">Color</a> launched its photo sharing app, the <a href="https://techcrunc

Troubled Startup Color Loses Cofounder Peter Pham

<img src='' class="shot" alt="" /><a href="">Peter Pham</a>, the president and a cofounder of mobil

The Creepiest Royal Wedding Photo Ever, Courtesy Of Color

<img src="" alt="" /> Well, the Royal Wedding is over. Wasn't that wonderful? If you weren't watching on TV, there were about a millio

A Colorful Weekend

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-292359" title="111" src="" alt="" />This past weekend, I headed down to Mexico with a group of friends f

True Colors: Bathing Mobile In An Entirely New Light

<img src=""/> <a target="_blank" href="">Color Labs</a> is assumed to be the newest combatant in the <a target=

The Color Of Envy And Rooting Against Goliath

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-288091" title="CC Sabathia" src="" alt="" />We're now two days into to the life of <a href="http://colo