The biggest names in D&D are going independent on ‘Worlds Beyond Number’

“If you could open this article sort of Rolling Stone-style…” Brennan Lee Mulligan suggests, then without changing his tone, pitches his lede: “In a Corvette, racing down the 5

IAC sells CollegeHumor to executive Sam Reich, resulting in 100+ layoffs

IAC has sold off a majority stake in CH Media, the parent organization behind CollegeHumor. The new owner? CH Media's chief creative officer Sam Reich.

CollegeHumor unveils Dropout, a subscription service for comedy videos, comics and more

CollegeHumor is getting into the subscription business with a new service called Dropout. Dropout is part of CH Media, the IAC-owned subsidiary that also includes Dorkly, Drawfree and CollegeHumor pro

With its first VR series, CollegeHumor gives a completely accurate overview of presidential history

How do you make things funny in virtual reality? That’s the question CollegeHumor is exploring with 1600 in 360°, a new video series depicting some of the, um, highlights of U.S. presidential

CollegeHumor Founder Josh Abramson, Boomi Founder Rick Nucci Join FirstMark Capital

<a target="_blank" href="">FirstMark Capital</a>, investors behind major companies like Pinterest and Aereo, have today brought on two new venture partners at the venture firm:

CollegeHumor Media Launches Videogame Humor Site

<img src="" class="shot2" />Recently <a href="">soft-launched</a> by <a href="http://www.crunchbase

CrunchBoard Jobs: College Humor,, MyWire, isocket and more

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-158680" title="logo" src="" alt="" width="360" height="55" />Check out the jobs on <a href="http://ww

Every Urban Legend Is True It’s not as good as “What a comment stream would look like in real life,” but it’s another

Flixster For Sale; IAC Interested

Fast growing movie-centered social network Flixster has been making the rounds with potential buyers, we’ve heard from multiple sources. And IAC may have submitted a letter of intent in the last