Fampus Launches Social Events Site For Universities

Good startups often emerge from situations where the founder is attempting to solve a problem they themselves have. That was certainly the case with collegiate events site <a href="http://www.fampus.c

Would You Like A $49 Electronic College Textbook With Lifetime Updates?

<img src="" />Nature, the folks who brought you the free life sciences learning community <a href="

Don’t Waste Money on a New Computer for College

<img src="" />Heading off to college? Here's my suggestion: buy a used laptop from Craigslist and install Ubuntu onto it. Seriously

Go To College, Take A Zombie Class

<img src="" />One or two weeks ago we learned about a <a HREF="

No Joke: University of Florida Class Called ’21st Century Skills in Starcraft’

<img src="" />Reasonably torn about this next story. There’s an honors class at the University of Florida this semester called “21st Cen

Barnes & Noble's Blackboard partnership means college students will see nook everywhere they go

<img src=""><a HREF="

iPad banned from several American universities over 'security' concerns

<img src="" />Three high-profile American universities, Cornell University, Princeton University, and George Washington University, have

Textbook Rental Market Heats Up: BookRenter Raises $6M Series A

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="86" /></a> Earli

You can win $5,000 in some sort of Newegg college student contest

<img src="" />Fresh off <a HREF="

Back-to-School: Who are our new college freshman?

<img src="" />We're running a Back to School extravaganza right now, but one thing that I don't know if we really addressed is: Who exactl

Have a college degree, 250 Twitter followers and a blog? Then you can be a senior manager at Best Buy!

<img src="" />Well, <i>could have been</i> a senior manager—the job seems to have already been filled. Still, let's talk ab

Oregon and Oregon State take the rivalry online with 24-hour LAN tournament

Now THAT’S how you settle a rivalry. It’s all Ducks and Beavers this weekend as far as any nerdly Oregonians are concerned, as the two universities are currently in the closing moments of a 24-hou

Wow, colleges are spending a lot of money to combat P2P

How much does it cost to monitor college students’ anti-American P2P activities? A whole lot, and that’s money colleges could be spending on, I don’t know, education. This chart brea

Back to School: Dorm room light show

Well, well, well. It’s been quite a back-to-school week here at CrunchGear. We learned a little bit about affordable notebooks and netbooks, what time-draining video games to avoid and even what to

Professor gives up on attendance, moves course online

Ok, well maybe he is not exactly giving up on the discussion part of his course, but Professor Dave Perry of the University of Texas at Dallas is taking his class online. No college professor will adm

Anti-P2P provisions in college funding bill

The Senate has passed the Higher Education Act (the House passed it earlier this year), which, among other things, provides for federal monies for student loans. What’s most interesting to us he

Apple considering selling iPhone 3G at college campuses

Looks like Apple is considering selling the iPhone 3G at top universities throughout the country. The move would be the first by Apple to expand sales of the iPhone outside its own retail stores and A

Buy a Mac, get an iPod touch or nano for free (again)

Like years past, Apple is offering a deal for incoming college students, and it’s more or less the same one it has offered in the past. Students who buy a Mac (which includes the MacBook, MacBoo

Order this beer pong table NOW!!!

I played a lot of beer pong and flipper in college. It was fun, but it got a little unsanitary when people forgot to wash the balls after each throw. Drinking beer with whatever filth is on the table

Privacy, security concerns? When colleges require your cellphone number to register for classes [Update2]

Check out this bureaucratic bullshit. My wonderful school, NYU, now requires students surrender their cellphone number in order to register for Fall classes. It’s all in the name of safety, of c
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