Social Collaboration Platform CollectiveX Is Reborn As Groupsite

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CollectiveX Groupsites 2.0 Makes Group Organization Sexy

<img alt="" /><a href="">CollectiveX</a>, a bootstrapped startup <a href="">located</a> in Maryland, will roll out version 2 of i

CollectiveX Launches Groupsites Maryland based CollectiveX launched in February 2006 as a way for groups to create a quick and well designed social space online. Users could share calendars, f

Nine Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

The news may overflow with stories about the social networking giants, such as Facebook and MySpace, but a horde of companies are doing their best to reduce the fundamental features of these websites

CollectiveX to Launch Thursday

CollectiveX, the group-focused professional social network founded by Clarence Wooten, will launch early Thursday morning. The focus of CollectiveX is on the group, not the individual. Members of the

CollectiveX is better than LinkedIn

CollectiveX, a startup founded by repeat entrepreneur and venture capitalist Clarence Wooten, has the chance to disrupt Linkedin. I gave a teaser about CollectiveX back in November of last year. I can

Keep an eye on CollectiveX

CollectiveX, a new venture backed by serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Clarence Wooten, has put up a landing page and is taking requests for people interested in taking part in their early 20