• Twitter Turns On The Firehose For Realtime Search Startups

    When it comes to getting access to all the data that flows through Twitter, there are the 50,000 apps that drink from Twitter’s Streaming API, which is subject to various limits. And then there are the chosen few who get the full unlimited firehose of data, the more than 50 million Tweets a day coursing through Twitter. In the past, only select partners, particularly big search engines… Read More

  • Collecta Launches Customizable Widgets To Spread Realtime Goodness Across The Web

    While Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have just begun to tap into the realtime web, a few startups, such as OneRiot and Collecta, have been innovating around realtime search for some time. Today, Collecta is launching a widget builder to help spread its realtime search results around the web. Users can easily create a widget by entering the desired search terms in Collecta’s widget creator. Read More

  • Collecta Offers A Real-Time View Into MySpace

    The buzz around realtime search of social networks has mostly surrounded Twitter and Facebook. Collecta, OneRiot and the search giants, including Microsoft, Google and Yahoo all tap into Twitter (and Facebook too) to capture the realtime stream of content. But MySpace is also getting into the game, recently releasing a set of real-time APIs that both OneRiot and Google will be tapping into… Read More

  • Chesspark And Put Their Pawns Together

    Social network for chess fans Chesspark is merging with that other online chess community site,, the two companies announced last night. is making the transition easy, as former Chesspark users can simply log on with their familiar credentials and find that their usernames, avatars and ratings have automatically been transferred. Read More

  • Lazyfeed's New Realtime Interface Tips Into Information Overload

    Today, Lazyfeed, a realtime interest feed reader which launched at our first Realtime Crunchup, is changing its look. Instead of a Google Reader-style interface with a menu of different feeds in the left-hand pane and the actual feed taking up most of the screen, it is taking more of a tile approach. Your screen fills up with tiles as you add interests you want to keep track of (such as… Read More

  • Pile 'em high – Glam One rolls out two new verticals, warns Glam Media off its turf

    [France] Paris-based Glam One, not to be confused with US company Glam Media, has rolled out two new verticals. and will target “independent professionals” in the worlds of music and sport. This brings the total number of Glam One offerings to 7, although the company is at pains to point out that additional verticals “can be deployed in under 48… Read More

  • Collecta Releases Its Real-Time Search API; OneRiot Responds With A Challenge

    It’s the battle of the real-time search APIs. This morning Collecta released an API in beta for developers who want to integrate real-time search results into their Web apps. To try to spark interest in the API, it has put up a ChallengePost offering a 15-inch Macbook Pro (retail value $1,699) to whoever comes up with the best mashup. Meanwhile, competitor OneRiot is trying to… Read More

  • As Other Real-Time Search Engines Fizzle, OneRiot Gets Some Early Traction

    While there have been many real-time search engine launches over the past few months (Scoopler, Topsy, Collecta, CrowdEye), most of them so far have fizzled (see Google Website Trends chart above). After an initial burst of curiosity, interest tends to dive. One exception, however, is OneRiot, which appears to be gaining some early traction in the real-time search race. This race has just… Read More

  • Collecta Now Lets You Share Your Search Results In Realtime

    Realtime search for the most part is still mostly about searching Twitter. So it is probably a good idea for fledgling realtime search engines to make it easy to share specific Tweets found in the search results back on Twitter. Since most of the results are Tweets, and search is just another form of navigation and discovery when it comes to the realtime stream, you want to be able to… Read More

  • The Real Time Search Dilemma: Consciousness Versus Memory

    One of the hottest areas of search right now is real time search, which attempts to find results based on what is happening right now. Twitter’s search engine fast becoming one of the key ways to navigate the service and discover what people are thinking about any subject at any given moment. Facebook is testing out ways to let you search your personal stream. Google is waking up to… Read More

  • Collecta Enters The Real Time Search Wars

    As we become inundated with more and more streams of data from Twitter, Facebook, blog, Flickr, and everywhere else, we need better ways to search what is happening right now. Twitter, Facebook, and Google are working on their own real-time search efforts, along with a slew of startups including OneRiot, Scoopler, and CrowdEye (which launched last night). The latest entrant in the real… Read More