Collaborative Fund

  • Groundcrew Offers a Platform to Help You Mobilize Your Team of Do-Gooders

    Last week, we covered the launch of the Collaborative Fund, angel investor Craig Shapiro’s new seed fund aimed at supporting for-profit startups with a social mission. Specifically, Collaborative Fund is investing in companies that apply emerging technologies to peer-to-peer collaboration—like sharing, bartering, trading, and organizing—in order to benefit the greater good. Read More

  • Collaborative Fund Aims To Seed Startups That Compete On Values And Crowdsourcing

    Angel investor and entrepreneur Craig Shapiro is starting a new seed fund based in Los Angeles with the help of friends and advisors like YouTube founder Chad Hurley and Kiva co-founder and Profounder CEO Jessica Jackley. Investors in the relatively small $6 million fund include GM O’Connell, Nicholas Negroponte, Jason Krikorian (co-founder of Sling Media), Ben Goldhirsh (founder of… Read More