• Horrors: No more iTunes cards at Starbucks

    The joy of walking into a Starbucks and buying a CD or copping an iTunes gift card along with a venti iced coffee is over! The coffee chain, which has hit a bit of a rough patch, will no longer sell CDs or offer iTunes gift cards at its retail locations. It will still offer free Wi-Fi, though, so don’t freak out too much. Not enough people were buying CDs at stores to make it worth… Read More

  • Wait a sec, the background from the iTunes Coldplay commerical looks just like Leopard

    We’ve already had one Coldplay post today, and countless Apple posts. Let’s combine the two now, shall we? You know that Apple commercial with Coldplay singing “Viva la Vida”? Yeah, that one up there. Doesn’t the background look suspiciously like the default desktop in Leopard? What does this mean? How does this affect The Island? Will there ever be a rainbow? Read More

  • Attention music pirates: Viva la Vida is out, for real!

    Hey. music pirates! You know that band “Coldplay”? Well proper rips of Viva La Vida (the Japanese retail) are now appearing on the private torrent sites likes and; they should migrate over to the likes of the Pirate Bay soon enough. I just grabbed a V0 and and everything sounds fine. Hop on the torrent early and watch your ratio balloon! Also, good eye, Peter Ha! Read More