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  • Hulu, Colbert, And The Recentralization Of Video On The Web

    Hulu, Colbert, And The Recentralization Of Video On The Web

    When Hulu first launched, it was supposed to be the media industry’s answer to YouTube: a place where shows and movies from TV would find an audience online and make advertising money directly for the media companies backing it instead of sharing any of that video ad money with YouTube. All that professional quality video from NBC, Fox, and Comedy Central brought in a huge audience… Read More

  • Stephen Colbert: Blippy Is More Exciting Than Going Through Old Receipts

    Normally, it takes quite a bit of time before a startup gets any sort of mainstream spotlight. That’s not the case with Blippy. Tonight, the controversial social credit card data aggregator was featured on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. As you might imagine, host Stephen Colbert ripped into the service’s ability to show everyday purchases at places such as Wendy’s. Read More

  • Colbert Report Covers Wii

    You know a console has caused a stir in the media when it shows up on the Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Yes, Stephen Colbert shows off his Wii and knocks out Nancy Pelosi in the boxing game featured on Wii Sports. The video of the boxing match is definitely prerecorded, but who cares? Not us. Colbert Report Covers Wii Read More