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Miami-based Ironhack raises $20 million for its coding bootcamps as demand for coders continues

Ironhack, a company offering programming bootcamps across Europe and North and South America, has raised $20 million in its latest round of funding. The Miami-based company (with locations in Amsterda

Hola Code tackles the real migration crisis

After spending eight months in an immigration facility in the United States, Abimael Hernandez made the tough decision to return to Mexico.

The ‘last mile’ in education and training

The concept of the last mile (the final leg of the connection to each home) originated in telecom, but is now a focus for supply chain management and e-commerce. In telecom and other utilities, the co

Edie Windsor coding scholarship selects 40 LGBTQ women to learn how to code

There’s a shortage of people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer community in tech — not because they lack skill, but because they lack equal opportunity. Lesbians Who Tech, t

Are coding bootcamps only for the rich?

One of the criticisms levelled against bootcamps is they don’t attract low-income students. The evidence seems to support this. According to bootcamp industry-watcher Course Report, 79 percent of bo

Students are demanding the facts about coding bootcamps

Darrell Silver Contributor Darrell Silver is the co-founder and CEO of Thinkful. More posts by this contributor What politicians are getting wrong about fixing higher education An insider’s take

Coding bootcamp Fullstack Academy will fund alumni-founded startups

Coding bootcamps have proliferated in recent years in the U.S. One of them, Fullstack Academy, today announced a commitment to invest in promising startups founded by their alumni. According to Fullst

3 signs you’ll soon be attending a coding bootcamp at your college

It all started as an alternative to the traditional college education. Now they’ve caught the eyes of deans across the country. Coding bootcamps have been a trending topic in higher education as the

Telegraph Academy Bootcamp Teaches People Of Color How To Code

Where are all the people of color in engineering roles at tech companies? Berkeley, Calif.-based coding bootcamp Telegraph Academy, which plans to relocate to Oakland in the next few months, wants to

Having Success With Code Bootcamps: Where To Work As A Bootcamp Grad

Hello code bootcamp graduates, and welcome to an exciting and fulfilling career! As you know by now, programming is a highly creative art in which you get to build things that change the world every s

Having Success With Code Bootcamps: A Guide For Employers And Bootcamp Grads

Anyone hiring engineers in tech knows how much competition there is for talent; there just aren’t enough good engineers to go around. As a result of the incredibly high demand for talent, the supply

Government Is Disrupting Coding Bootcamps

Government is moving faster than startups. That may be the first time anyone’s written those words, but it’s exactly what’s happening in the nascent coding bootcamp market.