Arc launches HireAI to make finding software developers easier

Arc, the jobs platform created especially for software developers looking for remote positions, wants to make recruitment easier with the launch of HireAI. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, HireAI does muc

Arc opens its remote career platform to all software developers

The COVID-19 pandemic threw remote work into the spotlight, but tech companies have hired in other locations for years to deal with talent shortages. Arc announced today it is opening its remote hirin

Codementor launches Code Against COVID-19 to match volunteers with software projects

Codementor, an online education platform for software developers, is launching Code Against COVID-19 to match volunteers with software projects to fight the pandemic. The initiative, which Codementor

The team behind Codementor launches Arc to help companies hire talented developers around the world

Arc, a platform that wants to simplify the process of hiring developers who work remotely, is launching officially today. The new company grew out of Techstars-backed Codementor, an online education p

Codementor launches Dev Protocol, which uses blockchain to help developers build their reputations

Dev Protocol is a new project that uses blockchain to give software developers a secure place to build their professional reputations. Created by Codementor, an online mentoring platform and on-demand

Codementor raises $1.6 million to become elite marketplace for freelance developers

Codementor (incorporated as Peer Idea Inc.) has raised $1.6 million in seed funding to grow its online education business into a marketplace for elite freelance developers who are among the top-rated

Codementor, A Learning Platform For Developers, Launches Live Group Classes

Codementor, an open marketplace for code instructors, is ramping up its services with the launch of live group classes. The startup, a Y Combinator alum, also announced that it has doubled its seed fu

Codementor Wants To Help Developers Launch Projects In 2015 With Makers Year

Codementor, which lets developers get coding advice from vetted experts, was created to help people finish building projects. Successfully launching an app involves more than just coding it, however,

One-On-One Programming Help Site Codementor Raises $600,000

Codementor, a one-on-one learning platform for software developers, has raised $600,000 in seed funding. The Techstars-backed site, which launched to the public last week and currently has more than 6

Techstars-Backed Codementor Launches To Provide Programmers With One-On-One Help

<a target="_blank" href="">Codementor</a>, an open marketplace for one-on-one programming help, is now open to the public after finishing a three-month stint at <a target="_b

Codementor Is An Open Marketplace That Provides Developers With One-On-One Programming Help

It's a scenario all programmers are familiar with: you are coding alone, only to have something go awry and no one to ask for help. <a target="_blank" href="">Codementor</a> w