Employee leave startup Cocoon launches after raising $20M in new funding

The platform is available in across all 50 states and is designed for any type of employee leave, like parental, medical, caregiver or bereavement.

Substack acqui-hires team behind subscription social app Cocoon

Subscription newsletter platform kingpin Substack shared today that they’ve acqui-hired the team behind Cocoon, a subscription social media app built for close friends. We covered the Y Combinat

Daily Crunch: Facebook announces photo transfer tool

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Cocoon’s social app for close friends gets VC backing to chase Path’s dream

You may have heard the pitch before, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aren’t homes for your real friends anymore because they’re too big, too commercial and too influencer-y, the result is

IoT Incubator Breed Reply Backs Smart Home Security Device Cocoon

<a target="_blank" href="">Breed Reply</a>, the London-based Internet of Things (IoT) incubator run by Italian publicly-listed Reply, has announced that it's backed three new

Cocoon Is A Smart Home Security Device That Uses Infrasonic Sound To Detect An Intruder

Consumer home security devices usually consist simply of an Internet-connected camera of sorts, combined with motion detection and a supporting cloud service and smartphone app to ping you when a pote

Bag Week Reviews: Cocoon Central Park Profession

Short version: Just a simple backpack with clever styling and average material quality. I’d like the bag if it fit right.

Bag Week Reviews: The Cocoon Soho 17, CMB402

Short version: A modest-priced messenger bag with average material quality and storage options. The bag itself is “okay” at best. The included Grid-It organizer, however, is sweet.

Review: Cocoon Innovations Gramercy iPad Bag

Back when the iPad was new and the world was a different place, we thought we could have it all. This was before the Gulf oil spill, before the horrors of LeBron, before the East Coast heat wave of ou

Beach Cocoon: A little bit of WTF after lunch

It’s a chair and an embryonic sac without the organic suspension and feeding tube! Check it out in cocoon mode after the jump.

For British Eyes Only: The O2 Cocoon

For our readers on the other side of the pond, we have some lovely news for you. Seems O2 has unveiled its latest music phone, the Cocoon. It’s a white clamshell with a “sleek and stylish&