Conversation Consolidation: JS-Kit To Acquire coComment? (Update: No)

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Disqus Picks Up A Half-Million Dollars From Fred Wilson And Angels

The blog commenting system Disqus picked up $500,000 in a series A by Union Square Ventures (Fred Wilson), Naval Ravikant, Howard Lindzon, Aydin Senkut. Union Square’s investment isn’t all

coComment Version 2: Free Invites For TechCrunch Readers

A new version of coComment, the online conversation tracking platform is being prepared for launch. The new version includes a stronger emphasis on community and groups, moving away from strictly bein

CoComment upgrades, now worth using

CoComment is a popular browser tool for tracking conversations in the comments sections of blogs. It catches the comments you’ve made around the web and comments made after yours. It was initial

CoComment visit to Silicon Valley

Switzerland based CoComment has developed a cult-like following just a few weeks after its launch. Founders Nicolas Dengler and Marco Chong, as well as investor Jan Reinhart, visited silicon valley la

CoComment Screen Shots and Clarifications

The CoComment guys were nice enough to send me an invitation to try the service after my post yesterday. I am now able to answer some of the questions I had in that post. They support six big blogging

CoComment: Tracking Your Blog Comments

CoComment is experimenting with a new way for people to keep track of all of the comments they leave on various blogs. To use CoComment, a user must install a bookmarklet on their browser and use that