• Spotify Details New Global Partnership With Coca-Cola

    Spotify Details New Global Partnership With Coca-Cola

    Right now I’m sitting in a room covered in Spotify and Coca-Cola logos. That’s because Spotify and Coke have just announced a global partnership to help both brands expand their ubiquity. The folks at Coke explained that music has always been a huge part of Coke’s marketing efforts, going all the way back to a series of ads featuring Ray Charles nearly 50 years ago. That… Read More

  • Beverage Companies Go Sustainable With Biodegradable Plastics, Ramped Up Recycling

    Coca-Cola (nyse: KO) announced plans today to invest $24 million, along with ECO Plastics Ltd. (which will contribute about $5 million of that) to build a new, plastic bottle recycling facility in Lincolnshire, England. In recent weeks, the company also struck a landmark deal to sell its 30 percent plant-based plastic to Heinz, which will begin to use it in ketchup and condiments packaging… Read More

  • Now there's robotic Coca-Cola vending machines running around Tokyo

    Apparently there’s a Coca-Cola robot running wild through the streets of Tokyo, ostensibly promoting the sugar water drink at passers-by. The initial write-up has more than one quip that made me chuckle: “…lumbering around Tokyo pinching the heads of people who prefer a different brand.” What is it with Japan and vending machines? Read More

  • Bill Gates invests in Mexican brewery

      Bill Gates now owns 3-percent of the world’s second-largest Coke bottler and Mexico’s second-largest brewery. I say good for you, Mr. Gates. Cascade Investment LLC, the asset management firm that Gates owns, recently purchased almost 11 million shares of Monterrey, Mexico’s Femsa. Femsa has a soft drink unit (Coca-Cola Femsa), a beer subsidiary, and a retail unit… Read More

  • Coca-Cola Cherry Zero Reviewed

    On an especially hot day like today, you’ll probably want to cool off and have a refreshing beverage. But which should you choose? A soda? A bottle of Jack Daniels? Here’s my take on the new Coca-Cola Cherry Zero soda. I’m normally a Pepsi-man, but this worked out “surprisingly” well. Read More