Co-op raises $5.8M to help online merchants land customers for less

Ask anyone looking to sell online about their customer acquisition costs compared to a few years ago, and you’ll hear a tale of woe. Channels that were once a cost-effective ground for acquiring

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The priorities of venture capitalists don’t always align with those of startup founders and their workers. That’s why we’ve started to see more conversation and activity around coope

Instead of IPOs and acquisitions, exiting to community is one alternative

The tech industry is built on the venture capital model where hockey stick growth and selling to a larger company or going public are markers of success. But the traditional VC model does not leave mu

This co-op wants to put money back into patients’ hands

Too often, people are asked to give away their insights and time for free. Jen Horonjeff, founder and CEO of healthcare startup Savvy, knows this first hand and is trying to change that by applying a

A Cooperative For Developers Looks To Put App Makers Back In The Driver's Seat

<img src="" />There are a number of systemic obstacles facing app developers today, with limitations in distribution and monetization chan

Fable II to ship without working online co-op mode

Would-be Xbox 360 killer app Fable II comes out on October 21, but it’s now emerged that the game will ship without a functional online co-op mode. That’s right, after you make the long, l