• A Cooperative For Developers Looks To Put App Makers Back In The Driver's Seat

    There are a number of systemic obstacles facing app developers today, with limitations in distribution and monetization channels being chief among them. Oh, and then there’s fragmentation, as developers have to create different versions of the same app for different phones, different browsers, different OSes, and so on. While Apple’s app store provides developers with some great… Read More

  • Fable II to ship without working online co-op mode

    Would-be Xbox 360 killer app Fable II comes out on October 21, but it’s now emerged that the game will ship without a functional online co-op mode. That’s right, after you make the long, lonely drive back from GameStop that Tuesday, you won’t immediately be able to hop on Xbox Live to play with your friends. That said, you won’t have to wait very long for online co-op. Read More